Logitech Circle 2 first to support HomeKit Secure Video

Taking everyone by surprise, Logitech has released a firmware update for the Circle 2 that supports Homekit Secure Video. The Circle 2 smart Security Camera was one of the first home security cameras to work with the HomeKit.

HomeKit Secure Video enables you to store activity detected by your cameras in iCloud. You can then view live and recorded video from the camera in the Home app on your iOS device.

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To take advantage of this, you will need an iCloud account with at least the 200GB storage plan, so the free (5GB) and 50GB options for iCloud won’t be eligible. The 200GB storage plan allows for one camera to use HSV, whilst the 2TB storage plan allows support for up to five cameras.

Supported cameras

Apple HomeKit works with the following Circle 2 cameras:

  • Logi Circle 2 with Wired Mount
  • The Circle 2 with Plug Mount
  • Circle 2 with Window Mount

Users can now convert circle 2 cameras that work with HomeKit to support HomeKit Secure Video via a Beta firmware update. You can download the firmware from this link. 

Important notes

  • After converting your camera to support HomeKit Secure Video, you can no longer set up or use this camera the native app or web.
  • You need to be running iOS 13 and an Apple hub such as iPad, Apple TV or HomePod.
  • This also means that your Circle Safe subscription, and the associated features will not work.
  • No video history or settings from the Circle app will be transferred over to the Home app
  • This update will delete recordings associated with this camera in the circle app.
  • It will disable the active Circle Safe subscription for the camera.
  • If this camera is the only one associated with a Circle Safe subscription, the subscription auto-renewal will cease.
  • However, if you choose to not remove the camera, any subscriptions associated with the camera will remain active and they will charge you on the renewal date until all the cameras associated with the subscription are removed from the circle account.

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