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Abode systems today announced that it will bring its Abode smart security system to the UK in September. This in partnership with Kings Secure Technologies, one of the UK’s largest independent fire and security providers. The smart security system that works with HomeKit is available as a starter kit for £299.99. The starter kit includes the gateway, two door & window sensors, a motion sensor and key fob.

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The Smart Security Kit provides everything needed to get started with this DIY security system. This pack includes a Gen 2 Gateway that features a 93 dB siren and the ability to add up to 160 smart devices. it is worth mentioning that the siren does not get exposed to HomeKit. You also get 2 x Mini Door/Window Sensors, one Motion Sensor and a Key fob to provide quick and easy remote arm/disarm of the security system.

Abode also offers a Smart Security Kit Plus for £418, which includes everything in the normal starter kit. But this kit includes a smart camera, however the camera is not exposed to HomeKit.

If you want to expand the abode system, you can purchase additional add-on devices which include door/window sensors, a glass break sensor, motion sensors, more cameras, a keypad, outdoor siren, panic button and a water leak sensor.

HomeKit Support

When the Abode security system arrives in the UK, it will work with HomeKit out of the box. The good news is that it will work with HomeKit without an Abode plan, although the device itself will not have the additional functionality via the company’s own app.

It is also worth mentioning that it exposes only the following devices to HomeKit;

  • Gen 2 Abode gateway
  • Mini Door/Window Sensor
  • Door / Window Sensor
  • Motion Sensor

After I reached out to Abode yesterday, they have come back to say that they do have HomeKit Secure Video on the roadmap, but no ETA at present. It is also worth noting that the siren is not exposed to HomeKit, but this is true with other devices.

Abode Security system UK pricing

In addtion to the onetime setup cost, you also need an abode security plan. These plans start at £3 and up to £14.99 per month for the top tier plan. These plans provide different monitoring and security options and you can read about them here.

The adobe security is available in the UK for pre-order today and will start shipping next month. You can get a 20% off with code LAUNCH2020 via the company’s website, if you place the order before 31st August.

FAQ to questions received

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  1. This is great news Jon, I was told earlier this week by the UK team that a plan was required… but perhaps I didn’t ask the correct question. I would like this alarm system on Homekit only in addition to the my existing Homekit secure video cameras.

    Above you mention that ” the siren is not exposed to HomeKit”, Could you please explain this further? Would the iPhone home app still get notifications of some sort and be able to arm/disarm the system?

    I am assuming the homekit cameras I have would be able to trigger the alarm if motion is detected… I am new to your website and clearly have a lot to learn! Is great to read articles from a UK perspective!

      • I see – so it will still trigger with its own motion/door sensors. Fair enough…
        Are you planning a video to show us how the bits would work on homekit mode? ?

          • Hi Jon, curious to hear your thoughts on this alarm and particularly on what it can/can’t do on homekit mode alone without the subscription.
            Abode UK has a 20% off offer going on at the moment (code is: PRIME20) but won’t buy until I hear from THE authority here 😉


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