Abode Smart Security Kit gets HomeKit support




Following a release of a firmware update, the Abode Smart Security Kit now supports HomeKit. This is following the HomeKit update to the Iota gateway late last year, which brought HomeKit support too many of its child devices.

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This is how HomeKit Router support works

Whilst the two gateways now work with HomeKit, there are key differences between the two. Only the Iota gateway has built-in Wifi, a motion sensor and a 1080p security camera. However, both gateways include a built-in alarm capable of reaching 93dB.and can connect up to a staggering 160 devices.abode gateway vs abode iota

This means that if you’re an owner of the Abode Smart Security Kit. The update will automatically expose many of the sensors that company offers like motion and occupancy sensors to HomeKit

The Smart Security kit is available on Amazon.com, at $199.00, which includes the gateway, motion sensor, door sensor and fob. But if you want the Iota kit, then it is priced at $229.00, but as mentioned offers more features.

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