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Thread is the wireless connectivity standard that has received more attention since Apple introduced the HomePod Mini back in October 2020. Since then the list of HomeKit devices that support Thread has grown. So this article is your complete guide to all the HomeKit enabled devices and accessories that support Thread and will be updated when new products arrive.

Before you read on and If you want to know more about Thread and what it means for HomeKit. Then you can watch this video, or checkout this article which will take you through what Thread means to HomeKit.

You should also pay close to attention to the generation of the HomeKit device you are looking to buy. Some manufacturers are updating older devices to support Thread. But this is only possible with the right wireless hardware inside. So make sure when buying a HomeKit thread device, you pay attention to the version or generation that is being sold.

HomePod miniHomePod mini review

Apple TV 4K with ThreadApple TV 4K Thread 2021

  • Device Manufacturer: Apple
  • Generation supported: Gen 5
  • Thread device type: Border router

The New Apple TV 4K can support 4K streaming as well as HDR, including Dolby Vision at 60 FPS. It also supports Dolby Atmos and can be paired with the OG HomePod for Home Theatre.

While all of this is great, the biggest feature for HomeKit users is Thread support built in. This means that the New Apple TV 4K will be the second border router device that provides support within HomeKit.

The device that kick started the buzz around Thread for HomeKit, the HomePod Mini was First introduced in October 2020. This smart speaker is more than just a way to play your favourite music or PodCast. It also has tech inside that enables it to create a Thread network via its Thread border router capability. So if you want to enable other HomeKit accessories to join via Thread to HomeKit, then you need this device.

You can checkout our HomePod Mini review, which will take you through how this device performs.

Eve WeatherEve Weather Thread

The new Eve Weather will follow a familiar design as Eve’s HomeKit devices, but a new larger screen. Because of the larger screen, it will present users with all the data on one screen, saving having to scroll.

Eve Weather will collect the barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity levels. The device will also display each morning with a 12-hour weather trend. It has IPX3 resistance to handle the weather and will support Bluetooth and Thread wireless connectivity.

Eve Door and window sensor

  • Device Manufacturer: Eve
  • Generation supported: Gen 2
  • Thread device type: End point
  • Buy from Amazon

This HomeKit device lets you know the status of your door or window , if its open or closed Plus, the device is a breeze to install with no tools required. You can control other HomeKit-accessories in your home whenever doors or windows are opened or closed via automations.

As already mentioned about the hardware generation version. The Eve Door and Window sensor only supports Thread with the generation 2 devices.

Eve AquaEve Aqua Thread update

  • Device Manufacturer: Eve
  • Generation incompatible: Gen 2
  • Thread device type: End point
  • Buy from Amazon

Water your garden and patio plants automatically with the Eve Aqua smart water controller. Or turn on your sprinkler using your iPhone. Eve Aqua converts your regular outdoor faucet into a smart water outlet quickly and hassle-free.

The Eve Aqua is another device that you need to pay attention to the generation. It is only the generation 2 that supports Thread.

Eve EnergyEve Energy Thread

Control your lights and appliances with a simple tap or by asking Siri, and see how much power they’re using. Or effortlessly set up schedules that put your appliances on autopilot, turning your floor lamps, dehumidifier and many other devices on and off independently of your iPhone or internet connection.

The Eve Energy can act as a Thread router and help expand the mesh network. Which will help with devices like the Eve Aqua or Weather that may be placed in locations like the garden.

The Eve Energy which is available in several countries with Thread support. It also another one of those devices that you need to pay particular attention to the generation number. For the EU its 4th Gen, the UK 3rd Gen and the US 4th Gen.

Eve Light switchEve light switch Thread

  • Device Manufacturer: Eve
  • Generation compatible: Gen 2
  • Thread device type: Router
  • Buy from Amazon

The Eve Light switch which will be released later in 2021 will support Thread via HomeKit. You will be to install this smart light strip in your home to control lights and even other devices.

Eve ThermoEve Thermo Thread

  • Device Manufacturer: Eve
  • Generation supported: Gen 4
  • Thread device type: Thread End Point

Replace your old radiator valve with a smart one. The Eve Thermo Smart Radiator Valve will take care of maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home – simply adjust settings with your smartphone.

Nanoleaf Essentials bulbNanoleaf essentials smart bulb design

The Nanoleaf Essentials smart bulb range comes in E26 and B22 smart bulbs, which allow’s it to be placed in a variety of light fittings. It is capable of warm and cool colour temperatures along with 16 million colour range.

Nanoleaf Essentials light stripNanoleaf Essentials light strip review

The Nanoleaf Essentials light strip comes in a 2 meter light strip and can be extended via optional extension kits. It is capable of warm and cool colour temperatures along with 16 million colour range.

Nanoleaf Shapes Nanoleaf Shapes Thread

  • Device Manufacturer: Nanoleaf
  • Generation supported: Gen 1
  • Thread device type: Thread Border Router

The Nanoleaf shapes come in Hexagons, triangles and mini triangles. Each shape can be connected together to form a wall of art that can change colour.

Nanoleaf ElementsNanoleaf Elements Thread

  • Device Manufacturer: Nanoleaf
  • Generation supported: Gen 1
  • Thread device type: Thread Border Router

Nanoleaf annouced its new Elements light panels that feature a wood look. The panels are made of laminate plastic with a wood grain finish. The Nanoleaf Elements only offer ambient white light ranging from 1,500 to 4,000 Kelvins.

The Elements work over 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi, so no hub required and via Thread

Coming soon, Thread enabled HomeKit devices

Of course, the list would not be complete without the “Coming Soon” section. But a note to readers: this is only HomeKit devices that are gone past the rumour stage and officially announced. Of course I cannot account for manufacturers, not actually shipping these devices or updating the firmware as planned.

More Thread devices to come for HomeKit

As you can see, the HomeKit community has a healthy choice of HomeKit enabled Thread devices. Plus, as we roll further into 2021, we should see more devices from other HomeKit manufacturers.

So if you want to be kept up to date with the latest in HomeKit news and the developments of Thread. Don’t forget to follow for more news on Aqara on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram.

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  1. No one includes the Eero devices. Even though they are not a light or switch, they do contribute to the overall expansion of the tread network.

  2. I’m a bit confused about the Apple TV 4K. Why would you want it to be a Thread-enabled device in the first place? You don’t really control much with it in your smart home… Oh hold on, so if you have the original HomePod connected to it as the default output source, does it make the HomePod act like it is Thread-enabled with Siri requests then?

    • A thread border router is needed to connect other thread devices.

      Siri requests will work to thread enabled devices if you have a thread border router.

    • HomeKit uses the AppleTV as a “processing center”. The ATV4K is currently the only Thread Border router for Homekit that has a wired ethernet connection. HomePod Mini’s are wireless only as are all of NanoLeaf’s Thread accessories.


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