Apple to showoff HomeKit at CES 2020




Recent reports by Bloomberg confirm Apple will appear at CES 2020, the first official appearance in a long time. Taking place between January 7-10 in Las Vegas is the annual event for consumer electronics companies to show off new tech and hardware.

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While Apple will be at the event in an official capacity, they will not be showing off any hardware. But will speak about HomeKit and consumer privacy as part of a panel event, which Apple executive Jane Horvath will take part.

Apple is no stranger to CES, employees met with potential augmented-reality glasses suppliers. But Rather than us pitching new hardware, however, Apple will display HomeKit. It is also likely other companies will show off new devices that work with HomeKit and Siri, its voice assistant.

This news follows the announcement that Apple has opened sourced parts of HomeKit to aid development of smart devices. Along with the announcement that Apple, Google, Amazon and the Zigbee Alliance to create the Connected Home over IP project.

All of this news will be good news to HomeKit users and give them confidence that Apple’s smart home platform will be taken seriously.

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