Apple TV App available for LG 2019 TV’s




LG has released the Apple TV app for compatible 2019 LG smart TVs US and over 80 other countries across the world. Support for 2018 LG TV’s will arrive later in the year via a software update.

LG launched HomeKit and AirPlay 2 on 2019 LG’s TVs last year, but left out previous year models. This decision caused outcry with existing customers of 2018 TV’s with an online petition created. While LG didn’t go back on its decision to release HomeKit support for 2018 LG TV’s. Just before CES 2020, the company promised that Apple TV App support would be available for 2018,2019 and 2020 models later in the year.

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Now it looks like LG is delivering on its promises earlier than expected with the NanoCell TVs (series SM9X and SM8X) getting support starting today. Then later this month, the Apple TV app will roll out on 2019 UHD TVs (series UM7X and UM6X).

Once downloaded from the LG content store, users can access the Apple TV app via the LG Home Launcher. The Apple TV App allows users to subscribe and watch the new Apple TV+ streaming service. LG TV owners can also subscribe to Apple TV channels, access their iTunes video library and buy or rent over 100,000 movies and TV shows.

LG says the Apple TV app and Apple TV+ will also be available on 2020 TVs at launch and on LG’s 2018 TVs later this year via an over-the-air firmware upgrade.

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