Aqara announces G4 doorbell, P2 presence sensor, U100 smart lock & LED strip

As part of CES 2023, Aqara confirmed its Commitment to delivering effortless, connected home experiences for its millions of users worldwide, Aqara is to expand as they make way in 2023 with an array of fresh smart technologies. From the FP2 Presence sensor, the G4 Doorbell, a new Deadbolt door lock the U100 and a LED light strip T1. All of these devices will work with HomeKit and Apple Home

Aqara Video Doorbell G4Aqara G4 Doorbell

The Aqara Video Doorbell G4 offers homeowners with flexible installation options. The Aqara Video Doorbell G4 integrates with Apple HomeKit Secure Video and features an included USB-C powered Chime repeater which helps connect to your Wi-Fi network easier It can also stream to Amazon and Google smart displays.

The Video Doorbell G4 provides freedom of installation with two powering options. The first being 6 AA battery power source, which Aqara claims will last upto 6 months in saver mode. Additionally, you can hook up the G4 to a normal doorbell transformer power source.

It features 1080p resolution camera, infrared night vision, and AI-enabled facial recognition. With the capability to trigger different smart home actions based on who is detected.

So, for example, you can schedule an automation via the Aqara app for when a known face is detected. With a pre-recorded ringtone it will be played via the doorbell to give them instructions. This will be great for delivery driver or dog walks to give them instructions. All locally processed by the Chime instead of in the cloud for added privacy protection.

The chime repeater of the device has expandable local storage for video footage via a microSD which supports 512GB card alongside seven days of free cloud storage, which Aqara says can be disabled. The Chime extender is powered by USB-C and has a siren of 95 decibels.

The G4 Doorbell supports HomeKit Secure Video and works with the appropriate iCloud account. Aqara also said that it will support Matter once the standard is expanded to support video devices later this year.

Aqara is aiming to ship the G4 doorbell before the end of Q1 and Aqara told me its going to be priced around $120 and available internationally.

Aqara Presence Sensor FP2

The Company’s Presence Sensor FP2 redefines the world of automation. Incorporating Millimeter Wave Radar Sensing, this sensor can detect human presence without any movement – even when seated!

The key feature Aqara says is precise zone positioning, which allows users to configure a room tailored to their preferences. This means different zones such as bed or sofa area are able to initiate distinct automations for an enhanced user experience. Furthermore,FP2 is equipped with a multi-person detection system and fall-detection feature along with integrated light sensors.

With Wi-Fi compatibility and no need for a hub, Aqara’s Motion Sensor FP2  works locally and no cloud required. It’s compatible with Apple Home and can be placed in position with magnets or the stand. The FP2 plugs in via USB-C – making it an ideal choice for those seeking long-term solutions without the hassle of replacing batteries.

The Aqara FP2 will work with HomeKit when it’s launched later this year and when Matter supports this type of device. Aqara says they will update it to support Matter. Aqara says that the FP2 will be available globally around Q2 2023.

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Aqara Smart Lock U100Aqara smart lock U100

The Smart Lock U100 is Aqara’s first deadbolt-style smart lock. It is it has premium housing made of alloy, and matt keypad with built in fingerprint reader. The lock also supports Apple’s Home Key feature, which puts your key into your Apple Wallet so you can open your door by just tapping your iPhone or Apple Watch.

You also have other options to operate the U100 including a keypad, physical keys, fingerprint unlock, NFC cards, and the Aqara Home app on your phone. You can also use it with Apple Home automations and Aqara automations. The smart lock is IP44 rated for use outside and is powered by 4 AA batteries, which Aqara tells me can last around 8 months.

The Aqara U100 smart lock supports Zigbee protocol, which means you need an Aqara hub. But good news, the lock will support Matter via a compatible Aqara hub.

Aqara says that the Smart lock U100 is aimed at the North America, South East Asia and Australia markets and should be available in Q2 2023. Aqara tells me it’s going to be priced at around $150-$200.

Aqara LED Strip T1Aqara LED strip T1

Aqara LED Strip T1 features different diodes, RGB diodes, for atmosphere lighting with 16 million colour options. Also tunable white diodes, which can be used for accent lighting. It also supports addressable strip technology, which will make it possible to show different colours in different segments of the strip.

The Aqara LED Strip T1 features a controller that has a built-in microphone for music sync mode. It is also IP44 rated, which means you can use it outdoors. The T1 is connects via Zigbee, so will require an Aqara hub. The strip can be used as a repeater to extend your home’s existing Zigbee network.

The Aqara T1 supports Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home, with Matter support available via a compatible Aqara hub. Aqara has not given a release date or pricing for this product.

Matter is coming to AqaraAqara Thread based devices

Aqara has been working to integrate Matter into its existing and new devices and I reported the delay last month. In 2023 new OTA updates will be pushed to Aqara hubs – beginning from the M2 – so that they can serve as Matter bridges and connect Aqara Zigbee devices to Matter. The update should start rolling out in the new few weeks.

Moreover, the Company also confirmed a new lineup of Thread-based devices with native Matter support this year, including the Door and Window Sensor P2 and the Motion and Light Sensor P2 which are expected to hit the market in the coming months.

To keep up to date with the latest HomeKit News from CES 2023, then checkout this article covering the entire event. If you have a question or a comment, then leave it below. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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