Aqara E1 camera with WiFI 6 released

Aqara E1 HomeKit camera with WiFI 6

Aqara has unveiled its newest Camera E1, now readily available for consumers looking for top-notch features at an affordable price point. This camera offers seamless integration with HomeKits without requiring an extra Aqara hub. Leveraging Wi-Fi 6 technology, the Camera E1 guarantees excellent connectivity and video performance. It’s accessible in Aqara’s Amazon stores across North America and Europe and through specific Aqara retailers worldwide.

The E1 camera comes with a 2K sensor and a wide-angle f/2.0 lens, boasting Pan/Tilt features along with concealed infrared night vision. Via the Aqara Home app, users gain control over the camera’s movements, directing it to predefined spots like the front door when corresponding sensors are triggered, thereby boosting overall security awareness. What sets this camera apart is its built-in Neural Processing Unit (NPU), enabling advanced functions such as person and sound detection for focused monitoring of vital events. Users can opt to filter motion events, receiving alerts specifically for detected persons or specified sounds like barking or crying, a feature scheduled for release in a future update. It’s noteworthy that both person and sound detection operate locally on the device, ensuring heightened privacy and independence from cloud services and the internet.

The Camera E1 leverages Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) technology for high-speed data transfer and enhanced performance, particularly beneficial in crowded network environments. This technology ensures a smooth live-view experience with minimal latency. Prioritizing security, the camera supports WPA3 to reinforce user data protection and incorporates Bluetooth 5.2 for a streamlined pairing process. Aqara Home introduces the innovative MagicPair feature, guiding users through the device binding process whenever they access the app.

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