Aqara launches its HomeKit range on Amazon Canada




Aqara, which is a manufacturer of HomeKit enabled smart home products, has today announced the launch of their products in Canada. Canadian users can now buy several of the company’s products via its Amazon Canada store.

This is following Aqara’s successful launch on Amazon US, which according to the company along with the launch of the Aqara G2H HomeKit camera. Aqara offers affordable smart home devices that can be managed from the company’s own app and via HomeKit using the Home App.

The following products are now available for purchase on Amazon Canada:

  • The Aqara Smart Starter Kit
  • The Aqara Hub
  • The Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • The Aqara Door and Window Sensor
  • The Aqara Motion Sensor
  • The Aqara Water Leak Sensor
  • The Aqara Vibration Sensor
  • The Aqara Smart Plug
  • The Aqara Smart Wall Switch
  • The Aqara Wireless Mini Switch
  • The Aqara Cube

To celebrate, Aqara is offering a special discount of 15% for all purchasers on its Amazon Canada store. Use the code AQARAFCA, and the offering is valid through November 7, 2020.

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  1. More than the double of the price on Alixpress… 🤔

    yes a good offer.

    I think better to wait a couple of week more and buy from Alixpress


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