Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Aqara products available via Apple stores in Hong Kong and Macao

Aqara has announced today that its products are available via Apple stores in Hong Kong and Macao. While some may just pass this news over, UK customers should take note. The reason being is that Hong Kong and Macao regions typically use the Type G plug, which is the same plug standard in the United Kingdom.

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The release of the Aqara hub and products in the UK has been on the cards for sometime now. Particularly after Aqara exclusively revealed to me that the UK version of the Aqara Hub and select products would arrive in 2020.

Although it has already been confirmed that the UK Aqara Hub exists as I have been testing one for over a year now. It is now the first time that the Aqara Hub with the Type G exists outside of beta tests and is available via Apple Store.Aqara hub UK plug

So if you have family or friends over in Hong Kong or Macao, you could get them to purchase an Aqara Hub with the UK plug type for 428 HK dollars. Which roughly converts to £42, and this is pretty much inline with prices on Bangood.

In addtion to this, you can also pick up the Vibration sensor, Aqara Motion sensor, Aqara leak sensor, Temperature and Humidity Sensor, light bulb, wireless mini switch and the door and window sensor. You can order the Aqara Hub and devices from the Apple Store today with delivery around the 20th August. But if you can’t wait, stores have them in stock at the time of writing this article.

Of course when I hear more about the Aqara Hub UK release, I will post on our social channels. Which can be found n TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram.But Don’t forget to subscribe for more HomeKit News.


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  1. You think this would suggest that they won’t try and kill HomeKit only mode again at some point in the future. I was on the fence, and very close to picking one of these up – then I read the news about them trying to kill HomeKit only mode. I know they backed off on that, but it left me worried that they might try it again in the future.

    • I would like to think they honestly won’t do it in the near future after they made the decision based on customer feedback.

      But long term when customers start to trust them more. The need for HOMEKIT mode may not be needed.


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