Aqara smart home products coming to Dec 17th




Aqara has announced that from December 17th will see the official release of the company’s products for the US market. Products include Aqara hub, the US smart plug, contact sensor, temperature/humidity sensor, motion sensor, water leak sensor, and the Aqara Mini Switch.

Aqara has already been selling on Amazon, however they sold out quickly. However, with the official launch, the company will offer a Starter Kit that. This kit includes the following; Aqara Hub, Smart Plug, Mini Switch, Contact Sensor, Temperature/Humidity Sensor, and Motion Sensor.

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If the promotional picture is anything to go by, new US wired Aqara switches will not be available. These switches will be available later next year in both ‘neutral’ and ‘no-neutral’ options, with one and two-button versions of each.

You can check out the reviews of the Aqara motion and leak sensors to give you an idea what to expect. Then starting 17th December, you can purchase the range of official Aqara products.

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