Aqara smart lock for the EU market may arrive in 2020




Aqara the Chinese HomeKit smart home company has been on a roll recently with new products, but most of them have been for the for the Asian market. It now looks like they have an Aqara Smart lock aimed at the EU market in the works.

First spotted by, Aqara sent out a questionnaire to some of their beta testers regarding smart locks. The questionnaire asks some specific questions about the lock type, function, preferred colour and door thickness. In addition, Aqara is offering a giveaway of the smart lock when it launches.

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Although Aqara gives nothing away about the new smart lock. Reading the questionnaire, Aqara plan to target it at the EU market and it may support the EU cylinder type. We would also think it would support HomeKit like most of Aqara’s existing products.

While the product is likely to be in the early stages, Aqara has hinted that it could arrive in the second half of 2020. But this could change depending on how product development goes. In terms of price, unfortunately we know nothing, however it will should be affordably priced like its existing product range. Which no doubt will put pressure on existing EU smart lock vendors such as Nuki and Danalock.

If you want to take part in the survey, then you can use this link and answer some simple questions. In addition, by taking part you could win some Aqara Products or the Aqara EU smart lock when it arrives.

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