Aqara to release Thread based devices in 2022




Aqara, the Chinese smart home company has today announced at CES 2022 that it plans to introduce a new line of devices that are based on Thread. Thread is an IP-based, low power, wireless networking protocol that works with HomeKit.

The new version of its iconic Door and Window Sensor and Motion Sensor with Thread technology built-in should ship around the second half of 2022. The new Thread products from Aqara are designed to provide consumers with improved connected home experiences with higher compatibility, reliability, power efficiency, and security.

Aqara has always offered a series of innovative, home automation products that work with major third-party ecosystems, including Apple HomeKit. This means that the new devices will connect to HomeKit over Thread.

The company previously announced its commitment to Matter, a new industry standard for smart home devices. So continuing that commitment, Aqara will bring matter support to its existing Zigbee-based Aqara hubs, the M2 and the M1S. The software update will expose the Aqara child devices to Matter, allowing them to connect with other Matter-compatible third-party devices.

The new Thread-based product lineup is a great move by Aqara and one that will certainly be welcomed in the HomeKit community. I am personally looking forward to what else Aqara does with Thread and what other devices we will see later in 2022.

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