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It’s been a busy week for Aqara, the smart home company based out of china who has revealed several new HomeKit devices. These include a touch panel LCD, the G2H camera, M1S Smart hub, P100 smart lock and more. These new smart home devices will work with Apple HomeKit and its existing Aqara platform.

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If you are not familiar with Aqara, they are a smart home device maker based out of china. The devices they produce are on the more affordable end of the HomeKit. While they already have a wide range of HomeKit devices under its brand, which the Motion sensor and leak sensor, that we reviewed. The company has continued to pump out new devices and below is a list of all the devices revealed this week.

  • S1 Smart Scene Panel with HomeKit
  • G2H HomeKit Secure Video camera
  • New m1S Smart Hub
  • P100 smart lock
  • P3 Air Conditioning Controller
  • C2 curtain controller
  • H1 Pro Smart Rocker Switches

Aqara G2H HomeKit Secure Video cameraAqara G2H HomeKit Secure VIdeo camera

After months of speculation it would appear the Aqara G2H is on its way available in four different colour options, white, navy blue, red, and yellow. The camera uses WiFi to connect to your network, but also contains a Zigbee 3.0 hub., The camera will be compatible with HomeKit Secure Video.

Similar with the Eufy Indoor Camera the Aqara G2H will also have intelligent detection to distinguish between people and animals. In addtion to this it will feature a 1080p lends with a 140º FoV. To round it off, the smart camera will feature two-way audio.

Aqara S1 Smart Scene PanelAqara S1 smart scene panel with HomeKit

The S1 Smart Scene panel is a display panel to control Aqara devices compatible devices. and will be exposed to HomeKit. However as with the Brilliant panel HomeKit devices from other manufacturers will not be exposed to the panel. However, it looks like you will control the range of Aqara smart home devices.

The device itself uses Zigbee 3.0 and requires an Aqara hub. The device features a full-colour 3.95in IPS display.

Aqara m1S Smart HubAqara M1S HomeKit Hub

Aqara Hub M1S is suggested to be an upgrade to the current Aqara hub. The M1s will support Zigbee 3.0 and can support up to 128 child devices. This also means it will support the new range of Zigbee 3.0 coming later this year.

The Aqara M1S Hub will work with HomeKit and the company’s range of existing smart home devices.

Aqara P100 smart lockAqara P100 smart lock

Following the release of the N200 smart lock, it looks like Aqara is back with the P100 door lock. The key difference between the N200 and the P100 is the built-in camera. Although its not clear if the camera will be exposed to HomeKit.

The P100 has many of the same features of the N100 and N200 and is compatible with HomeKit. So you can use the Home App to open your door or use it with automations. You can of course use the provided keys.

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The lock has a fingerprint reader built into the handle, and other option like a keypad, or NFC key fobs to open the door. Power is provided by a rechargeable Li-ion battery, which comes with a USB-C cable for recharging.

Aqara P3 Air Conditioning ControllerAqara P3 Air conditioner controller

The Aqara P3 Air Conditioning Controller is designed to be a controller for AC units via its built in IR sensor. But it is also a Zigbee hub, so it’s able to both act as the hub for Aqara sensors and switches. The device connects to your home network via WiFi and also works with HomeKit.

The P3 can support up to 32 child devices, with the possibility to extend this to 128 devices

Aqara C2 curtain controllerAqara Curtain controller

Next up is the C2 curtain control, which is Zigbee 3.0 and HomeKit compatibility. The new C2 doesn’t come with a detachable battery. It also appears to  have a more powerful motor compared to the B1 device that was released earlier this year.

Aqara H1 Pro Smart Rocker SwitchesAqara H1 Pro switches

To top of the list of new Aqara devices, they have also revealed the H1 Pro Smart Rocker Switches. The new H1 Pro come in double and triple rocker variants and utilisers Zigbee 3.0. The smart switches are single channel and also work with Apple HomeKit via an Aqara Hub.

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It is worth point out that the new Aqara products listed above have all been revealed by the company’s Chinese website. So this means that an international launch could be months away or may not happen at all. However, you can monitor websites Like AliExpress for shipping to your country.

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