Aqara Wall switches to launch in the US via Amazon




It is good news for US smart home customers with the Aqara wall switches going on sale 27th April via Amazon. This news comes via confirmation from Aqara to us today along with a Tweet from the company. The new device will work via the Aqara Hub and HomeKit.

The US models will come in single and double configurations with a rectangular button for the single switch, and the double will feature two square buttons. The wall switches will  come in neutral and no-neutral versions. Finally, these switches will also be Zigbee 3.0 compatible.

The Aqara Wall-Switch models will go on sale on the 27th April via Amazon and Pricing revealed to us are below.

  • Single no neutral – $40
  • Double no neutral – $45
  • Single with neutral – $40
  • Double with neutral – $45

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