Avia smart to launch video doorbell with HomeKit in 2019

Avia, the start up smart home brand may launch multiple smart devices that will be compatible with HomeKit. Avia smart will launch its smart lock in the summer, followed by a video doorbell, smart security camera and multiple smart sensors.

The company is to release its HomeKit smart lock this summer, and I had time to get hands-on with it at the launch last week. I also got the chance to “look” at the other smart products coming later in 2019 that will work with HomeKit. When I say look, I got to look at some plastic models of the future products and according to the reps, these are still early prototypes.

Avia smart video doorbellAvia smart video doorbell homekit

  • Apple HomeKit enabled
  • iOS smartphone app
  • Infrared night vision sensor – No word on range
  • Adjustable motion detection sensors
  • Motion alerts sent your smartphone
  • Microphone and speaker for 2 way audio
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Battery operated for easy installation

This is an interesting product and if the price is right, Avia could be onto a winner

Avia Smart Security cameraAvia smart security camera

  • Saving of video files to SD card
  • Motion and sound detection
  • Notification alerts
  • Night vision
  • 2 way audio possible

It’s unknown if the Avia Smart security camera will support HomeKit, method of power or video resolution. Again the price needs to be right as it will face some tough competition.

Avia smart motion sensorAvia smart motion sensor

  • HomeKit compatible
  • Be able to integrate it with HomeKit automation to trigger other devices.
  • Looks like it sticks to the wall with an integrated plate.

Yes, it’s just a motion sensor and again the price needs to be keen to compete.

Avia smart window/door sensorAvia smart window sensor

  • Reports status of a window or door – If it’s open or closed
  • HomeKit support

yes, it’s just another door or window sensor, which the smart home buyer has plenty to choose from.

Avia Smart environment sensorAvia smart temp

  • Has a display, which gives you a readout of the temperature and humidity.
  • Battery powered
  • Apple HomeKit enabled
  • Indoor use only
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Yes, it’s just another temperature sensor. Not a big seller for the likes of Eve.

Avia Smart thoughts

Avia smart is a startup and will enter a challenging market with well-established players with huge marketing budgets. They appear to have big plans with the Avia smart lock and Avia smart video doorbell look promising products.

However, with the likes of Aqara offering low price HomeKit sensors, Avia smart will have  to come in at compelling prices to compete.

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