Belkin Wemo Stage scene switch with HomeKit and Thread?




It looks like Belkin is about to launch a new product called the Wemo Stage Scene Controller with HomeKit support. Originally announced at CES 2020, yes 2020 will work with HomeKit and possibly Thread.

The finding comes via who found a recent FCC filing that reveals the manual and external photos. The Wemo Scene has three dedicated buttons and works with HomeKit. Connectivity is via Bluetooth 5.0, so you will need a Home hub for it to work with HomeKit.Belkin Wemo stage switch back plate

The three buttons on the Stage are marked with dots. One on the first, two on the second, and three on the third. Using these buttons you can activate up to six scenes, for example, a night mode, or a movie scene. So while Belkin has positioned the Wemo stage as a HomeKit scene controller. The possibility exists you could use the buttons to control individual devices like lights.

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Thread support?

While Bluetooth 5.0 will be used for sure, it would appear the wireless chip used in the Wemo stage is Thread capable. This was first spotted by who confirms that the wireless chip used is NXP BLE IC: K32W061. But before you get too excited, inspecting the user manual, it makes no reference to Thread connectivity, nor does it mention the HomePod Mini. Which is required for Thread devices within a HomeKit setup to authenticate.Belkin Wemo stage switch HomeKit user guide

The FCC filing does not give any details on pricing, as these filings never do. But Wemo said at CES 2020 that the price would be around $50 mark. However, that price point may be lower around the $35-$40 mark.

I have reached out to Belkin for more details and if I get a response, I will update this article. In the meantime, don’t forget to follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram for more HomeKit news.

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