Best HomeKit Amazon Prime Day Deals October 2022

Amazon is giving customers another Prime Day this year and it will run from 11th October to 12th October. Some deals will last for 24 hours and more, or until stocks last. While others, known as “lightning offers”, lasting for a limited time.I will keep updating this page with all the HomeKit deals through Amazon Prime day.

Most of the major HomeKit brands have given me advanced access to the planned deals. The deals will go live as per the release schedule of the brands. So keep checking this page to be the first alerted to these deals before they sell out.

Please note
* Deals will go live as per the country’s time zone. So if it is not live keeping check back at 00:00.
* EU deals are approx prices as the rate may differ per country
* If the country you live is not listed, then try the closest country and it should redirect you

In order to get access to the deals, you need to be a Amazon Prime Member. You can sign up here – Amazon Prime sign up

Aqara Prime Day deals

Aqara one of the leading smart home device makers for HomeKit has up to 25% off across its range. These deals included the newly released E1 curtain controller and the Aqara G2H Pro.

Aqara - USUSup to 30%Get offer
Aqara - UKUKup to 26%Get offer
Aqara - CanadaCAup to 29%Get offer
Aqara - FranceFranceup to 25%Get offer
Aqara - GermanyGRup to 25%Get offer

Arlo Prime Day Deals

Get some great deals on Arlo security devices this prime day

Arlo - USUSup to 30%Get offer
Arlo - UKUKup to 40% offGet offer
Arlo - GRGermanyUp to 30% offGet offer
Arlo - FRFranceUp to 30%Get offer

Eve Home Prime Day deals

Eve home has an impressive 30% off across most of its smart home line up. Including the Eve Cam, Eve Energy and light strip

Eve - USUS30% or couponGet offer
Eve - UKUK30% offGet offer
Eve - CanadaCA30% or couponGet offer
Eve - FranceEUUp to 30% offGet offer
Eve - GermanyGR30%Get offer
Eve - SpainSpain30% offGet offer

Eufy Prime Day deals

Are you looking for a HomeKit security camera, then checkout the deals from Eufy.

Eufy - USUSup to 30%Get offer
Eufy - UKUKup to 35% offGet offer
Eufy - CanadaCAUp to 30% offGet offer
Eufy - GRGermanyUp to 30% offGet offer
Eufy - FRFranceUp to 30%Get offer

Netatmo Prime Day Deals

Netatmo the smart home device maker that specialises in security and home care products has up to 30% off its range. These include the smart video doorbell and carbon detector devices.

Netatmo - USUSup to 30%Get offer
Netamto - UKUKup to 30%Get offer
Netatmo - CanadaCAup to 25%Get offer
Netatmo - FranceEUUp to 35%Get offer
Netamto - GermanyGR30%Get offer

Nanoleaf Prime Day deals

Nanoleaf the smart lighting company has upto 30% across its smart home product line up this prime day event. Deals on HomeKit smart lights including the new Nanoleaf Lines.

Nanoleaf - USUSup to 30%Get offer
Nanoleaf - UKUKup to 30%Get offer
Nanoleaf - CanadaCAup to 30%Get offer
Nanoleaf - FranceEUUp to 25%Get offer
Nanoleaf - GermanyGR30%Get offer

Tado Prime Day Deals

Tado is back for Prime day this year with some amazing HomeKit deals across its heating and environment control products. Get up to 50% off its range

Tado - UKUKup to 50%Get offer
Tado - FranceFranceup to 50%Get offer
Tado - GermanyGRup to 50%Get offer

HomeKit router Prime Day deals

Grab a bargain on a HomeKit router this prime day with offers from Eero and Velop

Eero - USUSup to 35%Get offer
Velop - USUKup to 35%Get offer
Eero - UKUKup to 40%Get offer
Velop - UKUKup to 40%Get offer

Philips Hue Prime Day deals

Philips Hue one of the longest standing HomeKit device makers has some great deals on starter kits and some of its new lighting range

Philips Hue - USUSup to 30%Get offer
Philips Hue - UKUKup to 30% offGet offer
Philips Hue - CanadaCAUp to 30% offGet offer
Philips Hue - EUEUUp to 30% offGet offer

SwitchBot Prime Day deals

SwitchBot which offers some amazing smart home devices has a 25% offer across its entire range. using Coupon Code: 7SWITCHBOT

SwitchBot - USUS30% off Plus couponGet offer
SwitchBot - UKUK30% off Plus couponGet offer
SwitchBot - CanadaCA30% off Plus couponGet offer
SwitchBot - FranceEU30% off Plus couponGet offer
SwitchBot - GermanyGR30% off Plus couponGet offer

How do I take part in Amazon Prime Day 2022?

To take advantage of these HomeKit deals, Amazon Prime day is only available for Prime members. But the retailer offers a 30-day free trial for anyone who wants to try out the service. If you are a student, then you can get it a 6 month free trial and a reduced monthly fee after the free trial. Amazon Prime members get free next day delivery and access to Prime TV shows, eBooks, and even live music events.

The service costs

Amazon allows you to cancel before the free trial is up. But I have been a member for over 4 years now and find it great value given all the other services part of the package. So I can highly recommend the Amazon Prime subscription.

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