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CES 2020 has officially started in Las Vegas with manufacturers showing off their latest software and hardware HomeKit products for the coming year. As this event is taking place from today through to the 10th January. This article will get updated live with all the HomeKit devices that get announced throughout CES 2020. So check back for the latest updates on everything CES 2020 HomeKit.

I have split the list CES 2020 HomeKit announcements into 3 lists with links to either the press release or a write up on this site.

  • New HomeKit devices announced at CES 2020
  • Devices that I am seeking clarity on HomeKit support that has been announced.
  • Existing devices that will receive HomeKit support.

New HomeKit devices

  • Netatmo Smart Door Lock & Keys – Read more
  • Sengled Confirm HomeKit Hub, Alongside Two New Bulbs – Read more
  • ADT Video doorbell and cameras – Read More
  • Netatmo Aldes EASYHOME Ventilation – Read more
  • New Dimmer Switch and Smart Plug From Brilliant – Read more
  • Wemo smart plug and wireless switch – Read more
  • Eve Cam with HomeKit Secure Video – Read more
  • New Philips Hue outdoor range and low voltage – Read more
  • August Wi-FI smart lock – Read more
  • Avia Smart Lock that supports multi-point systems – Read more
  • LIFX new devices and app – Read more

Unconfirmed HomeKit support

Existing devices gain HomeKit support

LG to add Apple TV app to 2018, 2019 and 2020 TV’s – Read more

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