Ecobee SmartCamera gains HomeKit Secure Video support




With the new update, the EcoBee SmartCamera will record the footage as normal. But HKSV is looking out people, animals, or vehicles coming into view. If it detects any of these, the HomeKit hub locally processes the video for motion detection and sends the relevant alert. Once the recording is complete, HomeKit encrypts the video files and then uploaded to iCloud. You can then view the recorded footage in the Home app via the HKSV timeline in the camera view.Eve Cam HomeKit Secure Video

Although the camera supports HKSV, you still need a HomeKit hub to enable this within HomeKit. Which can be an iPad, Apple TV, HomePod or the new HomePod mini.

Additionally, you also need a support iCloud account. so If you have the 200GB plan, Apple gives you ten days of storage and support for a single camera. But increases that to up to five cameras if you have the 2TB plan. Apple price the 2TB plan at $9.99/£6.99.

Getting Started

HomeKit Secure Video is now available for all Apple and ecobee SmartCamera users.

Get started with these simple steps:
● Install the latest firmware (version
● Ensure your device is set up with HomeKit and the option to enabled HomeKit Secure Video will be in the cameras settings.
● If its not  you can go to the “Home” app to add an accessory. Follow the instructions in the home app and scan the QR code on the back of the ecobee device when prompted.

If you dont already down the EcoBee SmartCamera you can buy it from Amazon for $177.

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