Ecovacs announces Deebot X2 Combo with Matter support

Ecovacs DeeBot X2 combo with Matter and Apple Home support
X2 COMBO is the first DEEBOT that is Matter-ready, and comes with upgraded hands-free capabilities and precision for cleaning floors, drapes, ceilings, and more, ushering users into a fully automated era of whole-house cleaning.

Last year Ecovacs launched the Deebot X2 Omni and now its launching the Ecovacs Deebot X2 Combo, unveiled at CES 2024, combines the exceptional features of the X2 Omni with an added cordless vacuum attachment. Not only that, the X2 Combo will support Matter and of course exposed to Apple Home.

Originally unveiled last year, the Deebot X2 Omni robot vacuum boasts an impressive suction power of 8,000Pa and a 15mm mop lifting capacity. Equipped with dual-laser lidar technology and AI obstacle avoidance, it can intelligently chart a new course upon encountering obstacles. Additionally, the docking station empties the bot’s dust and debris, while also managing the robovac’s mop by draining, drying, and refilling its water tank.

Matter, Apple Home and handheld

However, unlike the original X2 Omni, the Deebot X2 Combo is compatible with Matter. This means that the Deebot X2 Combo robotic vacuum will integrate with the Apple Home app. Consequently, users will have the capability to remotely initiate and halt cleaning, as well as access different cleaning modes, including support for wet mopping. Additionally, users will receive notifications regarding the completion of cleaning cycles, error reporting, and the charging status.

Matter is not the only new feature and as the name implies, Ecovacs has included a cordless handheld vacuum as part of the cleaning station. This comes complete with attachments for crevices, multiple surfaces, and upholstery. it can be extended to reach ceilings or other had to reach places. Just like the X2, the handheld vacuum fits into the station for automatic charging and emptying.Ecovacs DeeBot X2 combo handheld

Price and availability

The Deebot X2 Combo, priced at $1,599, which is $100 more expensive than the previous model. But for this you get Matter, Apple Home support and a handheld. Ecovacs intends to launch Deebot X2 Combo towards the end of the first quarter of 2024

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