Eufy explains delay for HomeKit with its Indoor Cameras

When the Eufy Indoor cameras were first announced last month, the company said HomeKit support would arrive on day one. Although, following users receiving the first orders, HomeKit was missing in action. Eufy has now issued a statement explaining the delay is related to adding HomeKit Secure Video support.

So clearing things up, eufy issued the following statement via its community forums.

We just wanted to clear a few things up with regard to the issue of HomeKit compatibility. Firstly, we want to apologize for the delay which you are experiencing. We understand your frustration and appreciate your patience.

Our development team wants to provide you all with the best possible HomeKit experience and in order to achieve this, we decided to implement the HomeKit Secure Video function. This function will allow users to store videos to iCloud. The application of this function requires additional certification which unfortunately is the result of the delay.

The full HomeKit experience will officially be available to you before mid-July

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While this news will frustrate users that bought the cameras with the promise of day one HomeKit Support. The addition of HomeKit Secure Video support is worth the wait. If you cannot wait for the official release, you can sign up to the company’s beta program. Although it is worth pointing out we are running the beta on our review units and are holding off until it is a little more stable to publish our thoughts.

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