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HomeKit enabled cameras have been the dominate accessories category in 2020 with several options hitting the market. But eufy, in particular, has been on a roll with the company releasing several new smart cameras. With the latest cameras, the Indoor Cam pan and tilt 2K and the Indoor Cam 2K. Today I will take you through an in-depth look in this Eufy Indoor Cam pan and tilt 2K review.

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I have spent the last 7 weeks with eufy indoor camera pan and tilt, testing every feature and how everything works. eufy has attached an incredible price on this indoor camera at $49.99/£49.99. It comes with 2K recording, Motorised pan and tilt, activity zones and motion tracking. You can store recordings right on the camera via a micro SD card and use HomeKit Secure Video. Power is provided via micro USB and you can mount the camera on a wall with the included mounting bracket.

To be 100% transparent, Eufy provided the Indoor Cam Pan 2K for this review. This will not affect my opinion wherever it is positive or critical of the device. You can read more on our review promise and ethics statement.

eufy Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt 2K review key features

  • Price £49.99 in the UK and $49.99 in the US.
  • 2K recording
  • 125-degree field of view
  • 360 pan and tilt
  • 8 x digital zoom
  • Infrared night vision
  • HomeKit and HomeKit Secure Video support
  • Up to 128GB Micro-SD storage (Not included)
  • Customised Activity zones
  • Motion detection
  • Audio detection
  • Two-way audio
  • Human and Pet detection
  • Up to 128GB Micro-SD storage (Not included)
  • RTSP and NAS support
  • Wi-Fi 2.4ghz

eufy Indoor Cam Pan & tilt review: Design and features

The eufy Indoor Cam Pan 2K features a white round body with the upper half being a dome shape. Within that dome part is a all back area which is where is the lens is located. This part of the camera has full 360 degrees with a 96-vertical movement with the aid of a motor. You can control movement of the camera within the eufy Security app manually or automatically when using the motion tracking feature.eufy indoor camera design

As the name suggests the camera has a 2K resolution, although HomeKit limits streams to 1080p via the Home App and recording within HomeKit Secure Video. The area around the lens features eight infrared LED’s that the camera uses for its night vision capability and it has a 120 field of view. Eufy has not included mechanical zoom, but replies on an 8x digital zoom.eufy indoor cam SD card slot

Eufy has cleverly hidden the micro-SD card slot in the lens mount. It is only visible when the camera is switched off, or when manually tilting it upward.

The lower part of the camera body features is a small circular LED status indicator, which will be solid blue when powered on, and turns red when motion if motion is detected. On the right side of the base is the speaker and microphone for two-way audio. This speaker also acts as a siren sound to deter intruders when motion is detected or can be triggered manually.

Around the back is a micro-USB port which used for powering the camera. Next to it you will find the setup button used during the pairing process and for performing a factory reset.eufy indoor camera speaker

On the bottom of the camera you find two grey rubber feet along with an area to attach the included wall mount. You will also find the Eufy and HomeKit setup code.

Finally, you get an USB cable with an USB-A on one end and a Micro-USB on the other that slots into the power port on the camera. You also get a power brick in the box.eufy indoor camera contents

eufy’s indoor camera connects directly to your home Wi-Fi via 2.4ghz. Which unlike the EufyCam 2 and 2c, it does not need a separate Homebase 2 to operate.

eufy Indoor Cam Pan & tilt Review: setup

The camera design means you can place it on a shelf or table, but has already mentioned, eufy includes a mounting plate in the box. This mounting plate gives you the option to mount it on a wall or ceiling. Eufy sells an optional accessory mount that positions the camera upright if desired. However, this does not seem to be available at the time of this review.eufy indoor camera pan tilt setup

To set up of the camera with the eufy security app is fairly straightforward. If you have not created an account, then you need to do that, however I already have an account, so skipped that part. You then tap add a new device and then tap the relevant corresponding graphic matching the camera. The app will instruct you to scan a QR code on the bottom of the camera. You will then press and hold the setup button and follow the remaining instructions.

Eufy Indoor Camera HomeKit setup

HomeKit setup is straightforward and involves opening up the Home App on your iOS device. You then tap “Add Accessory” and scan the HomeKit code on the bottom of the Eufy indoor camera. You then follow the remaining steps in the setup process.eufy indoor camera homekit setup

The entire process from unboxing and set up took only takes around 10 minutes. Which is impressive, but this is now becoming the norm for most smart home devices.

Eufy Security app

The Eufy Security app has a simple and easy-to-understand interface, split into 4 tabs. These are “devices”, “events”, “security and “explore” found on the bottom of the app. The first 3 are useful for the operation of the camera. But the “explore” tab is just links to other products, so I will not touch on that one for this review.

Devices tab

The device’s tab displays all your connected cameras visible on one page. The Eufy Indoor camera is presented with an individual box with the Wi-Fi status on the left. On the right of the box you have an option to snooze notifications, review motion events and settings.

eufy isecurity appTapping on the camera image opens the live feed for the eufy indoor camera with several options. For the live view you have a digital pad to control the pan and tilt, which I found responsive and worked well. Below the digital control pad, you have further options to control the eufy indoor camera. Which includes an option to record video manually and to take a screenshot of the current view. You also have options for two-way audio, enable and disable sound and to activate the cameras 360-degree rotation mode. Finally, you have options to view events, night vision controls, enable the alarm, enable motion tracking and calibrate the camera.

To the left you will find a playback option and when selected gives you a timeline of footage you can scrub through. You can also use the forward and back buttons to skip between recorded footage. Along with options to download, share and delete footage that has been captured.

Advanced camera settings

Taping on the settings cog in the top right brings up some advance settings for the camera, which are extensive. You have a toggle that can turn the camera off and on. Along with options to turn the LED status light and night vision off and on. You also have the option to enable watermarks.

You will also find options to adjust the pan and tilt settings. This allows you to adjust the speed in which the motor operates and turns the camera head. I found that setting it to 1 was far too slow and 5 was too fast. So, keeping this at around a 3 or a 4 was just right for me during my testing of the camera.

Further down you will find the motion detection settings. In this menu you can disable motion detection, configure activities zones. The activity zones can be customised on the screen to give you far greater accuracy and control. You can also select types of motion and sensitivity.

Also in this menu you also have the option to enable or disable motion tracking, I found this feature worked well, although it would sometimes miss something if you run past the camera at speed. It is worth mentioning that it disables activity zones and motion tracking when HomeKit is enabled. However you if you turn on motion tracking before you enabled HomeKit. It will stay activate and work perfectly fine.eufy indoor cam motion

The camera features a sound detection and again you have several options. You can first enable and disable sound detection and then choose between any sound or baby crying. I found that if I set it to any sound, it would be very sensitive and detect anything, even rain on the window. But to fine tune you can alter the sensitive of the detection. Again, this is another feature that is disabled when HomeKit is enabled on the camera.

One of the more interesting features is Pet command, and this allows you to set an activity zone, record some audio and if you pet goes into the zone. The camera will play the audio message in the hope it will deter your pet. This feature for me didn’t work that well, and when it did, my dog would ignore the command and carry on. However, this may be just my dog, who does not listen to me at the best of times. (No animal was harmed during the camera testing) Like with the sound detection, it also disables this feature when HomeKit is enabled.eufy indoor camera pet command

The camera also has options for altering the quality of recordings, enabled continuous recording and audio options. I left the quality of recordings to the default settings and 2K, but you can alter this if you struggle with bandwidth. The app will also give you guidance on the size of SD card memory required vs the number of days of recordings. Finally, you also have options for altering audio settings.eufy app recordings

Next up are notification settings, which gives you control over what motion you want would like to see notifications for. You can also set an interval time between notifications ranging from 1 to 5 minutes. Plus, how detailed you want these notifications to be from full on, just text or only thumbnails.eufy indoor camera audio

Moving onto storage options, you get settings for local storage and you can format the SD card from here. Along with settings for cloud and NAS storage options. It is worth mentioning that if you enable HomeKit support. Eufy’s own cloud storage and NAS support is not available. The remaining settings are in relation to HomeKit, WIFI, time zone info, mounting and device information.

Events tab

The Events tab allows you to view all the captured recordings by the camera in one timeline. It presents these events as thumbnails organised by date. It will also show you what the camera has captured, either by an icon or a person’s face. When you press the thumbnail, it will play the video and you can also download, share and delete the clip.eufy app settings

Security tab

The security tabs features several pre-configured security modes. By default, the Home mode will turn on detect motion, record video, and notification alerts to your phone. In Away mode, the camera will do the same, but also turn on the siren built into the camera.

You also have the option to use schedule mode, which will automatically set modes based on the preset times. Finally, you have a Disarm mode which turns motion detection completely off.

Eufy Indoor Camera Performance and video quality

First, I like how several of the camera’s features are available while viewing a live feed and these are useful. Panning and tilting the camera is easy with the dedicated control button. The ability to activate recording manually is useful along with being able to take a screenshot.

Tracking on the camera works as advertised and when used with HomeKit Secure Video, it is useful. But I noticed that fast moving objects was not always picked up by the camera. I am also surprised just how quiet it is when in operating, even in a quiet room standing right next to it.

In terms of privacy, not only when you turn the camera off, it shuts down. The camera also moves the lens to face the roof of the dome to remove any doubt. Coupled with that, I like the fact it records everything locally and works with HomeKit Secure Video.

Although, even though eufy claim its local storage. You cannot access the local storage without an active internet connection. This also applies if you are within your local Wi-Fi network.

Video and audio qualityeufy indoor cam video quality

The eufy Indoor Cam Pan 2K records and streams at 2K resolution, as the name suggests. During my testing, the camera has blown me away with the video results for both day and night. However, the camera uses adaptive quality for streaming, and 2K for recording. This allows for smoother playback when Wi-Fi signal is not as strong, but you can change this in settings as described above. But viewing from my iPhone during the day the picture is sharp and crisp and provided enough detail to make things out when viewing live stream.eufy indoor cam night vision

For night vision, it’s the same story and to be honest it’s one of the better cameras I have used for night viewing. The image is sharp and seems to have less artefact’s in the footage.

The audio side of things also camera performs well. I could hear what was going on in the room and able to have two-way conversations with people during my testing.

eufy Indoor Cam HomeKit Secure Video support

Following a firmware update, the eufy Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt 2K now works with HomeKit and HomeKit Secure Video. I have been using HKSV with the camera since I received it 7 weeks ago and its been working great. But to take advantage of HSV you will need a HomeKit hub such as an Apple TV, HomePod or iPad. Plus, you will need one of Apples iCloud plans of 200GB for one camera and 2TB for up to 5 cameras.

For the basics of HomeKit, I can view the camera live stream from the Home app. The camera also features a motion sensor that is exposed to HomeKit. You can use this motion sensor in automations to trigger lights or other HomeKit enabled accessories.

To get the most out of the Eufy Indoor camera and HomeKit support. You need to be using it with HomeKit Secure Video. This will give you up to 10 days of saved footage and older clips will automatically delete on a rolling basis.

When you first setup you need to set what you would like the camera to do with the following options available.

  • “Off”–You cannot view the stream, nor will it record.
  • “Detect Activity”— Triggering automations or to send notifications. But you cannot view the stream, nor will it record and save to iCloud.
  • “Stream”—You can view the stream, but it will not record. You can use this camera triggering automations or to send notifications.
  • “Stream and allow recording”—You can view the stream and it will record based on your settings. You can also use this camera triggering automations or to send notifications.

You can also turn the camera status light on and off and toggle the night vision, depending on your preference.

HSV control and playback

Tapping the live camera feed in the Home app will show you the timeline of motion activity recorded at the bottom of the display. Apple has split these into events that help you identify them. These are split into four categories which are people, animals, cars or a generic motion.eufy indoor camera homekit support

Selecting a clip will playback that clip and I found this responsive and played within seconds. You can also jump to live view to the left of the timeline or play the entire recorded clips using the button to the right of the timeline. If you want to share the clip with family and friends, you can also open up the share sheet with various options presented.

I have already mentioned the fact the built in motion tracking works well with HomeKit Secure Video to track the subject during the recorded clip.

One glaring omission with regards HomeKit support is no two-way audio for the Eufy Indoor camera. The camera is capable of two-way audio, so I am not sure why eufy has chosen not to expose this feature to HomeKit. I reached out to eufy for comment and they advised it is something they are working on for the future, but gave no timescales.

eufy Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt 2K Review conclusion

There is no doubt the Eufy Indoor Cam Pan and tilt 2K has an impressive feature set and one amazing price. So, for finding faults with the eufy Indoor Cam Pan and tilt 2K, I could not find much. It is a breeze to set up up the camera and get started. Then the camera works as advertised with capable streaming and recording capabilities.

I also like the fact HomeKit and HKSV support has finally arrived for the camera as promised and how this all works. Further more with motion tracking enabled it enhances HomeKit Secure Video.

But when you spend 7 weeks testing something and you dig deep enough, you will find faults. For instance, I am puzzled why the camera’s two-way audio is not exposed to HomeKit, but it’s same with other eufy products. I also don’t like the fact that the sound detection can be a little sensitive, even when adjusting the settings. Plus, I am puzzled despite eufy advertising local storage as a feature, you still need an active internet connection to view recordings.

It is also a shame that some of the key features like motion tracking, activity zones and others are disabled when you enable HomeKit. Although you can get around motion tracking by enbling it before you setup the camera in HomeKit.

eufy indoor camera 2K

I also feel obliged to call eufy out on the lack of HomeKit support when the camera first shipped to US customers. Eufy was very clear during its advertising that the camera would be compatible, and it probably received a fair chunk of orders on the back of this. Then to add insult to injury, the company didn’t even tell customers until after it started shipping. Which at the beginning created confusion, and then this turned to disappointment when eufy owned up.

But I can’t really mark the product itself down for this. It would be like blaming a child who is well behaved for a parent’s poor behaviour. Coupled with the fact the company has been running beta firmware which enabled me to complete this review. Shows this was not another situation in which a company would never deliver.

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The bottom line, the eufy indoor camera pan and tilt 2K is just about one of the best indoor cameras in terms of feature set and affordability. This HomeKit camera packs in so many features from sharp 2K HD video, HomeKit Secure Video support, local storage option and splendid night vision. This package is then topped off with other features, like the motorised pan and tilt coupled with the motion tracking, pushes it close to perfection.

So that’s a wrap on the eufy Indoor camera pan and tilt review. You can pick up a camera for £49.99 in the UK at Amazon and $49.99 in the US from Eufy direct.

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eufy indoor camera pan & tilt review
eufy Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt 2K Review
Review Summary
The bottom line, the eufy indoor camera pan and tilt 2K is just about one of the best indoor cameras in terms of feature set and affordability. This HomeKit camera packs in so many features from sharp 2K HD video, HomeKit Secure Video support, local storage option and splendid night vision. This package is then topped off with other features, like the motorised pan and tilt coupled with the motion tracking, pushes it close to perfection.
HomeKit Secure Video
Feature packed
No Two-way audio in HomeKit
Sound detecton is over sensitive
Local recordings cant be accessed without active internet
Top Buy

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  1. Hi Jon.

    Great review. Thanks for going so In depth.

    I’m looking to use the camera purely as a HomeKit Secure Video Camera, without adding the camera to the Eufy app, but I can’t seem to get this to work without also making use of the Eufy app. Have you tried this? I’ll be returning the camera if it can’t be used in the Home app exclusively.


    • Hi, my version can but others are reporting it can’t. I got one of the first versions that went to reviewers and suspect it handles different as HomeKit was available out of the box

  2. Hi, just received and installed my eufy 2K P&T. Got it into HomeKit easily but now have a question regarding the notification section. I have an option to get notifications when the status if the camera changes Any idea what that means?

  3. I found this morning that the camera is working in the home app but shows offline in the eufy app… can’t figure this one out.

  4. Is anyone else disappointed by the severe downgrade in video quality when you enable HomeKit?

    The downgrade is very noticeable 🙁

  5. Why is it that the camera goes offline when the HomeKit router setting is set to Restricted?

    Isn’t the purpose of the feature meant to restrict the device to HomeKit functionality only?

  6. With HomeKit is it possible to have alarm notifications between 11 pm and 6am (I am home) and also have notifications when I am not at home. So 2 different conditions ?

      • Hi Jon, does that mean you have to have HomeKit secure video for the activity zones to work via HomeKit? I.e. you have to subscribe to the right iCloud storage package to unlock a feature the camera can do natively?

        Thanks David

        • Activity zones in the eufy app is seperate from what you get in HomeKit. Yes you have to subscribe to the relevant iCloud plan to use HomeKit Secure video. Although, if you have set up activity zones in the eufy app, then its not worth also setting them up in the Home app. So if thats the only feature you need in HomeKit Secure VIdeo, then you dont need it

          • Thanks for the clarification, might stick with the eufy app and remove the camera from HomeKit to reactive the activity zones feature.


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