eufy Indoor camera preorder & everything you need to know

Pre-orders for the eufy indoor camera are now live with an incredible up to 35% off the RRP price. This discount includes both indoor cameras and reduces the Pan and Tilt from $49.99 to $36.99 and the none tilt version down $39.99 to $25.99.

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Before pre-ordering either of the eufy Indoor Cameras, then you can check out the detailed everything you need to know. Which will hopefully answer all of your questions? If you have more, then leave a comment below and will get back to you.

Eufy Indoor Camera 2k Pan and Tilt

The pan and tilt model offers a 360 horizontal panning and 100 vertical pan feature. It will also have a 8 zoom along with a 2K resolution camera with night vision. The camera will also feature motion tracking, which will use the Pan and tilt feature to move the camera and follow the detected motion.

Eufy Indoor Camera 2k

The none Pan and Tilt version will offer 2K video capture along with advanced night vision. You will also activity zones and pet command. This uses pre-record commands which will be played when the camera detects your pet entering the activity zone.

Key features for both

  • Customised Activity zones

  • Motion detection

  • Audio detection

  • Two-way audio

  • Human and Pet detection

  • Wifi connectivity

  • Up to 128GB Micro-SD storage

  • RTSP and NAS support

  • No HomeBase needed for either model.

Motion Tracking & Pet commandeufy indoor camera motion tracking

Motion tracking built into thew the camera can automatically track targets when motion is detected. This feature is only available for the Pan & Tilt version.eufy indoor camera pet command

The Pet command features enables you to pre-record commands which are played when the camera detects your pet entering the activity zone.


  • Yes, they both support HomeKit out of the box and it will expose the motion sensor to HomeKit.

  • HomeKit Secure Video is under testing and certification. While Eufy are trying to get this out ASAP, they are likely to not to have it ready for when it arrives in May. So it will come via a firmware update later in the year.

  • eufy confirm the pan and tilt feature will not be within HomeKit.

  • When HSV arrives, from what I am told the eufy app will still work along with the stream to that app.

Price and availability

  • Eufy Indoor Camera 2k Pan and Tilt – $49.99 pre-order discount $36.99

  • Eufy Indoor Camera 2k – $39.99 with pre-order discount $25.99.

You can preorder both cameras from the eufy website and receive up to 35% of the already incredible price. Shipping May in the US to start, then the EU, UK and rest of the world later in 2020.

We will review both models of the eufy Indoor camera once they arrive. So don’t forget to subscribe for when these reviews land. If you have a question or a comment, then leave it below. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram.

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