eufy indoor cams gain HomeKit Secure Video, plus UK release




The eufy indoor cams have received HomeKit support via a firmware update, plus the smart cameras now available in the UK, Canada and Germany. The competitive priced smart cameras launched last month, but without the promised HomeKit support, with eufy stating support would arrive in July. The company has now delivered on that promise along with releasing the cameras in the UK.

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If you prefer the pan and tilt model.

Eufy Indoor Camera 2k Pan and Tilt

The pan and tilt model offers a 360 horizontal panning and 96 vertical pan feature. It features a 8 digital zoom along with a 2K resolution camera with night vision. The camera also features motion tracking, which will use the Pan and tilt feature to move the camera to follow the detected motion.

Eufy Indoor Camera 2k

The none Pan and Tilt version also offers 2K video capture along with advanced night vision. You also have activity zones and pet command. This uses pre-record commands which will be played when the camera detects your pet entering the activity zone.

To get the HomeKit firmware for your eufy indoor camera,  follow these instructions;

  • Open the eufy Security app
  • Navigate to the camera
  • Tap the settings cog wheel
  • Scroll down to “device info:
  • Tap “Check for firmware update” and version should appear

If you have been holding out getting the eufy indoor cam 2K until HomeKit support arrived. Then you can grab either model with the links below.

If you prefer the pan and tilt model.

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  1. I bought one of these cameras yesterday and added the camera to HomeKit but I don’t get any push notifications on the camera detect people. The recordings show up in HomeKit secure video but despite having turned on notifications for the camera within the Home app as well as in iOS Pi still don’t get notifications. Are you having this issue as well?

    • Notifications work for me. You have 100% turn them on in the camera settings under notifications? Are you running iOS 14?

      • I’m running iOS 13. I just saw your YouTube video mentioning how people on iOS 14 need their hub to be on the beta as well but in this case it doesn’t apply to me.

        Notifications for the camera itself are turned on in the Home App and notifications are turned on for the Home app itself in iOS notification settings. I have person detection turned on for the camera and can confirm that the recordings are showing up in HomeKit Secure Video. For whatever reason I’m just not getting notifications when the camera is recording a person.

        At this point I’m left banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why this won’t work. It’s quite disappointing since I’ve been waiting years for a reasonably priced HomeKit camera to arrive on the market only for this to happen.

        • This is a strange one, it’s worth pointing out that notifications in the Home app are driven from HomeKit. Not eufy. Are you getting notifications from the eufy app?

          Do you have any other cameras? Do they work?

          • Hi Jon, I do get notifications within the app as well as notifications in HomeKit for other devices. I dont have any other cameras but the odd thing is the camera was pushing notifications when the Camera Recoding Status would change.

            “The IndoorCam 2K-349B camera changed to Steam & Allow Recording”

            You’re probably right that its a HomeKit issue and not a Eufy issue. Maybe Apple support will know what to do. Thanks for your input

          • Hey so I figured it out. In case you ever run into an issue like this I thought I’d share the solution with you. I logged out of iCloud on the AppleTV I use as the bridge, then logged back in and it started working perfectly.

  2. Are you able to use the HomeKit Security Video Features?
    (I am not able to do recording within the HomeKit App)


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