Eufy privacy breach exposes live feeds and recordings to other users




A huge Eufy privacy breach has been reported on Reddit which alleges that both live and recorded camera feeds being shown to other users. The issue was first noted on the Eufycam SubReddit and confirmed by other users looks alleges it exposes live feeds, recordings and even account access.

Reddit user MeChum87 reported it via a Reddit post late last night and other users are now saying the same thing. The user based in New Zealand reported that logging into his account resulted in seeing another users recordings in Australia.

“Anyone else have this? I checked my app today (from New Zealand) and noticed none of the videos were of my own. They are from someone in another country (nice Mustang) – “Kangaroo Cam” alludes to being in Australia somewhere. I can also see their contact details (as added accounts) Is this a normal thing to be able to access anyone else’s cameras? I have 3 little children, I am very worried that others are looking at my cameras too.”

While I could not independently confirm this, the reports via the HomeKit SubReddit and users on the EufyCam Reddit point to an issue. I have reached out to Eufy for comment and to find out what has happened. Once I hear back, I will update this article with the details.

Of course if you are running the EufyCam’s in HomeKit Secure Video and restricted access to the internet of the HomeBase then you should be fine. If you want to know about HomeKit Secure Video and HomeKit Secure Routers, then hit the links to find out more

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