Eufy Video Doorbell released in the UK




Starting today, UK customers can now purchase the Eufy Video Doorbell direct from the company’s website for £199.99. Although the video doorbell does not support HomeKit, reports have suggested it is coming later this year.

The wireless Video Doorbell features a Sony 2K sensor with professional-grade lens, allowing you to view activity in picture-perfect resolution. It also has an 4:3 Aspect Ratio which gives you a great view of anyone approaching the door.

The wireless video doorbell is battery powered, which can provide up to half a year of running time. It also has no monthly feels with all of your data stored locally on the HomeBase in your home.

Eufy has built a motion sensor into the Video Doorbell that supports smart human detection, and activity zones. The Video Doorbell will also deliver real-time alerts when anyone approaches with two-way audio.

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Although other Eufy security products support HomeKit, The Video Doorbell does not. However, based on an article from smart home blog HomeKitnews. They have suggested support will arrive by the end of June.

However, we reached out to Eufy for comment and were told the following.“we talked with Apple about this potential opportunity a few weeks ago and everything is still under discussion at this time.” So based on this and the normal timelines for HomeKit certification, it would seem the June timeline is a little ambitious.

You can buy the Eufy Video Doorbell direct from the company’s website for £199.99 with immediate shipping. Of course if we hear more about HomeKit support, we will keep you informed. So don’t forget to subscribe for more HomeKit News. If you have a question or a comment, then leave it below. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram.

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