Eufy Wired video doorbell to gain HomeKit support?

It looks like Eufy are working on enabling HomeKit support for the wired version of its video doorbell. This comes via Twitter user @adammiarka, who found a photo on the FCC database of an eufy Wi-Fi doorbell chime with a HomeKit code printed on the bottom. This doorbell chime could form part of a new doorbell kit with HomeKit support. But it could also be a HomeKit upgrade option to its existing wired doorbell.

Eufy has already confirmed that its existing wireless video doorbell will receive HomeKit support later this year. But this upgrade would only need a firmware upgrade as it uses the Homebase 2. However, the current eufy wired video doorbell does not, which means it would possibly need a hardware upgrade.

However, it now looks like eufy is in fact working on an update to its existing wired smart video doorbell to enable HomeKit support. Although what is not clear is if this will work with existing doorbell hardware or will it be part of a new product offering?

I have reached out to eufy for comment, and if I hear from them, I will update this article. So don’t forget to subscribe for more HomeKit News. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram.

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  1. Will their video doorbell at least support two way audio in HomeKit? If the doorbell doesn’t then nothing ever will. I know I’m beating this dead horse to oblivion lol.

    • The difference with for example the Pan & Tilt camera is that that device only supports half duplex audio, also in the Eufy app. The doorbell (wireless at least, wired I’m not sure) supports full duplex audio. So theoretically it should support it. If they get it to work in Homekit is another question.

      • You seem to be aware of full and half duplex. Can full be enabled by software updates? Or does it require specific hardware?

        • It does require specific hardware but it could be disabled by software. In the Eufy app you notice that the talk button is different for the doorbell and the indoor cams. With the doorbell you can push the talk button, talk and listen at the same time. With the indoor cam you have the hold the button to talk and can’t hear anything while talking. So In the eufy app at least the doorbell is full duplex and the indoor can is half duplex. I assume it’s indeed limited by the hardware they use.

        • I just heard this from someone else on MacRumors forums and it makes sense. Hopefully their next round of cameras support full duplex. Thank you for the info.


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