eufyCam 2 & 2C HomeKit Secure Video rollout delayed




It looks like the eufyCam 2 & 2C HomeKit Secure Video that was supposed to roll out this week has been delayed to the end of April. Anker the parent company reached out to us today to let us know.

The Anker PR said, The public release of HomeKit Secure Video support for eufyCam 2/2C will be postponed to a few weeks later. The beta program still continues.” When we asked for specific details, we were told. “Our product team has learned new needs of users through the beta test and they wanted to optimize some functions before the HSV is live to the public.”

The update for HomeKit Secure Video is only available for the eufyCam 2 and 2c, which we are testing. Our first impressions are that the implementation of HSV is stable and works well. So I would believe the statement that Anker want to optimise some functions of the platform.

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