EufyCam 2 and 2c HomeKit Secure Video support now live




Update – Another false alert, I have spoken to Eufy today and it would appear that the roll out as not started.

Following months of beta testing, that first resulted in a false alert. It now looks like HomeKit Secure Video support for the EufyCam 2 and 2c is officially live.

I have been testing HomeKit Secure Video on the EufyCam 2 as part of the long-term review. But I have also been running a set of EufyCam 2c on a separate HomeBase 2 not beta enabled and it now appears that those cameras have received an update.

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Thia update takes the EufyCam 2c System version to 1.6.1 and Subsystem version, which enables HomeKit Secure Video. It would also appear that other users via the HomeKit subreddit are also receiving this update along with the users on HomeKit Facebook group.

While this update appears to be none beta related, and it looks official at the time of writing this article. I have reached out to Eufy PR to verify and will report back once I have an answer.

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  1. I just enabled Homekit Secure Video for my two Eufy cameras. It seems to catch more movement which makes me wonder if the video is constantly streaming to my Homekit Hub for processing. It seemed that the camera was using build in detection that maximized battery life before this so, I am wondering if this is going make the battery die faster. Any experience with that during beta testing?

    • Hi

      I have been using the beta for sometime now and at the start, battery life was not great. Based on my testing I think the EufyCam 2 will last about 5-6 months.

      In terms of streaming all the time, its not constantly streaming. You will see this by looking in the Home App before you view the live stream you will see the camera updating every 10 seconds or there about. It maybe that the HSV is more accurate than the Eufy detection. Or it could be you had the settings set to optimal.


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