Saturday, September 19, 2020

Eve cam with HomeKit Secure Video announced

At CES 2020, the Eve Cam has been revealed which is a HomeKit Secure Video compatible smart camera. This will be Eve’s first smart camera to hit the market adding to an already solid HomeKit smart home lineup.

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They have built the Eve cam with privacy in mind as it only works with HomeKit Secure Video. The company said they built it from the ground up to protect users’ privacy. The company says it does not harvest your personal data by forcing you to set up an account or to register your accessories. You will get direct and fully encrypted access to your Eve Cam via your Apple TV or HomePod. Eve Cam HomeKit secure video

In terms of design, the Eve Cam will feature a 1080p / 24fps camera with night vision. It will be detachable via a magnet stand with a 150 degree swivel. The HomeKit only smart camera will be for indoor use, so no waterproof protection. It also has a integrated microphone and speaker, you can talk to whoever is in your home at any time.

Eve has said that the smart camera will start shipping in April 2020 with a price of $149. Which seems reasonable for a HomeKit camera.

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