Eve Energy Smart plug review

Most smart devices in your home such as smart lighting or thermostats replace the device in totality. But what do you do if you have a kettle or other dumb device and want to turn it smart? Well, buy a smart plug. So lets look at one option to turn your plugin devices smart in this Eve Energy Smart plug review.

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The Eve energy smart plug is a Bluetooth enabled smart plug that lets you take control of your home devices. You can do this from your phone via the Eve app and HomeKit via the Home app. You can set custom rules and receive status notifications based on certain conditions. The smart plug has energy monitoring built to monitor your energy usage of any device plugged. It works with HomeKit, so you can include the smart plug as part of automations and scenes.

Eve Energy smart plug Key Features

  • Review Price: £44.00 Amazon Link
  • Track your energy usage by cost and watts.
  • Connects via Low energy Bluetooth.
  • Apple TV required for remote access.
  • App is available for iOS and supports HomeKit.

Eve Energy smart plug review in pictures

Eve Energy smart plug review – Design

The design of the Eve Energy looks like any other smart plug. The smart switch is relatively big, and this could cause issues in tight spaces. In terms of the colour it comes in gloss white and handling the device it feels premium and solid.

On the back of the Eve Energy you will find the standard UK 3 plug prongs. On the top you have a button that can turn the device on and off. This also glows green or red to show the user the current power state.Eve energy UK design



The design of the Eve Energy feels premium, robust and solid. It is on the bulky side, but comparing it to the Wemo Insight switch it is not much different.Eve energy vs Wemo

Eve Energy smart plug review – Setup

To set up the Eve Energy smart switch, you need to download the Eve App from the iOS app store and unlike other smart plugs, the Eve Energy does not support Android. The Eve app will work on devices running iOS 11 or later and will run on a Compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Unlike many other switches, the Eve Energy switch connects through low energy Bluetooth and not via your home Wi-Fi. Despite not being connected by Wifi, I found that it was responsive and didn’t experience any dropouts during use. Eve app setup with HomeKit

Setup is easy, you plug the Eve Energy into the wall socket, wait for the power indicator to go green and then open the Eve App. Following the setup process is super easy because they have integrated the HomeKit setup into the setup process. The overall process is smooth and took me only 4 minutes from start to finish.

Day-to-day use and Eve app

They have built the app to control any Eve smart product along with any HomeKit-connected devices you already have in your home. So you can make a choice between using the Home App that comes with iOS or the Eve App.

The app is pretty well laid-out, and it’s divided into five tabs with the data being pulled from the HomeKit database. So in effect, the Eve App is just a re-skinned Home app, but with a few extra bits.

At a Glance

Which is the equivalent of the Home app’s Home tab which holds all the favourite HomeKit accessories? It gives you a quick look at the devices in your home and the ability to switch things on and off.


The next tab is scenes, this is where you can access, setup or enable scenes and it pulls again any scenes you have previously created in HomeKit through here. You can also set timers and in the rules tab, access HomeKit triggers to enable home automation like “When someone arrives Home” set several devices to turn on.


The Rooms tab shows each device by the room that it’s located in and again these are pulled from the HomeKit app if you have set them up. You can also access zones, which are zones in the home like downstairs and upstairs. You can also add, edit and remove rooms from this section.Eve app energy monitor


“Types,” which shows devices by the type of device they are. So, for example, the Eve Energy device  can show you under “consumption.” This section is one I found confusing and didn’t feel it offered any value to the user when I was testing.


The settings section is where you can alter settings and also add accessories to HomeKit.

Energy monitoring

One of the big features of the Eve Energy smart plug is the energy monitoring and whilst others like the Wemo Insight switch has energy monitoring, I feel the Eve Energy offers far more detail and accuracy.

This data includes, current consumption, projected cost, Total consumption and total cost.


For the consumption calculations, it is the current power consumption based on the current state of the appliance that is plugged in.

Projected cost

You can get projection costs based on week, day or minute usage. I found this really useful to give me a years cost protection based on my usage. It was interesting to look and think if I left the TV and media devices on for a full year it would cost me £62.

Total consumption

Eve bases this on consumption since you had the device plugged in. You can also view detailed graphs to look at an hour, day, week, month and month.

Total Cost

The final energy monitoring section is total cost, and this is as you can imagine the total cost to run the appliance the Eve Energy has plugged in. Again you can view an hour, day, week, month and month.eve app review

One thing to point out, to get accurate energy readings you need to ensure that you set the electricity rate you pay. So you will need to get your cost per KhW from your energy bill and then enter that under settings, energy costs.

When completing the Eve Energy review, I found I used the HomeKit app to set up automation and triggers along with day-to-day use in my home. Then when I wanted to get energy insight,  like how much energy is passing through the smart switch along with the estimated cost of the energy use of your appliance, I would use the Eve App. I found the energy insights cool and comparing it to the Wemo insight switch, the Eve energy seemed to give more detail and offer better accuracy.

Eve Energy and HomeKit

HomeKit support on the Eve Energy is seamless meaning you can control the device via the Home App that ships with iOS devices running iOS 9 or above, however, if you want to get the full benefit of HomeKit then I suggest using the latest iOS 13.

As I have already mentioned above set up of the Eve Energy with HomeKit is done when you add the smart plug to the Eve App.

Using the Eve Energy with HomeKit means you can include the smart switch in scenes, automation or triggers. So, for example, I had the Eve Energy connected to my TV and media devices in the bedroom. Which I found useful when I dropped off to sleep without turning things off. I have since moved it into the games room to control my dogs electric heater through the winter. This helps me monitor cost, but also be able to trigger the heater remotely.Eve HomeKit review

Eve Energy can also be included in automation’s that can be triggered via another HomeKit device. I tested this with a Philips Hue motion sensor and a lamp plugged int he Eve and this worked well.

The Eve Energy does not come with a Hub like other smart home devices, which is benefit. However, to control the Eve outside of the Home you need a HomeKit hub like an Apple TV, HomePod or an iPad. This will then act as a HomeKit hub and will support your overall HomeKit setup.

Eve Energy smart plug review verdict

Eve has produced a smart plug is well-designed and easy to set up. Whilst you can use the Home app on an iOS device. You will get more out of it with the Eve app, which will show things like power usage and other things cost to run an appliance.

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Now turning to the price, they price The Eve Energy smart plug at £44 ($49, AU$85) which is around the same price as the Wemo Insight switch. But the Eve Energy offers far more insight into energy usage. You can, however, opt to pay a little more and go for something like the Lightwave 2 gang socket with energy monitoring for only £69.99.

With all that said, you will not go wrong if you buy the Eve Energy plug. It’s well-designed and easy to use and helps you track how much energy you’re using.Eve Energy smart plug review

Will the Eve Energy plug save me money on energy?

The big question that some people will ask is Will the WeMo insight plug save me money on energy? I think it will take you a few years to get your money back on energy bill savings. You will need to buy a few of these smart plugs to make a big impact given the price. So it may be best changing out all the light bulbs in the home to LED which will give you quicker savings.

Should I buy the Eve Energy?

The Eve energy smart plug is a good addition to any smart home, but it’s on the expensive side compared to the Ikea Control outlet smart plug. The Eve energy is a great choice if you’re concerned about power-hungry electrical devices such as TV’s or irons. I also like that you do not need a separate hub for the smart plug to work.

So that’s a wrap on the Eve Energy review, Don’t forget to subscribe for more HomeKit and smart home reviews. If you have a question or a comment, then leave it below. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram.

Eve Energy review
Eve Energy Smart plug review
The Eve Energy is a great buy if you want to keep better track of your appliances’ energy use. It also supports HomeKit for control in your smart home.
Buy on Amazon

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  1. One I don’t get: if it uses BlueTooth to connect, does it need to be in range of a control device or the Home hub (iPad/AppleTV) to work? BT range is rather short, can you control it if it’s another room, or a garden office?

  2. Are you able to use the power consumption figures in automations? For example if I ran a washing machine could I set an automation that looked for the power drawn to come down to near zero and then trigger some action like alerting me.

  3. Hi

    I have now had three of these fail on me after about 6 months of use. They’re great with Siri but there must be something substandard inside.


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