Eve Energy with Thread released in US, UK and Canada




Eve has announced the release of the updated version of its Eve Energy Smart plug with Thread support. The Thread version of the Eve Energy which works exclusively with HomeKit was already available in the EU, but is now shipping in the US and Canada via the Eve website and in the UK via Amazon starting today 27th April.

Eve has been on a roll recently releasing updates to existing product line up to support Thread and with all new devices like the Eve Weather. But until recently these devices could only act as Thread end points, but that all changes with the Thread version of the Eve Energy which can play a role as Thread Router.

I recently got to try out the Eve Energy after they sent me it a about a month back and you can checkout the full Eve Energy review. But in short, the device is the same as the previous generation that features energy monitoring. It can also be included in automations and scenes to control dumb devices in your home.Eve Energy Thread HomeKPod Mini

But the biggest benefit of the new device is the addtion of Thread for HomeKit support in the Eve Energy. This is because it can act as a Thread router to help expand your Thread network. This type of device will help reach Thread end point devices like the Eve Weather or Eve Aqua that are normally placed in Gardens.

Where to buy

One point to note: if you are thinking of picking up an Eve Energy, then make sure it is the latest generation. It is also worth mentioning that the Eve Energy for the UK market is not available on Amazon UK as yet.

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Despite what has been reported, the listings on Amazon in the UK, US and Canada are not Thread enabled. The Amazon store will be updated over the coming days.

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