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Many of Eve’s HomeKit devices work over Bluetooth, and while they often work fine. Users have complained about Bluetooth connectivity performance and limited range. To help tackle the problem, Eve has released the Eve Extend.

I Just want to make several points before we get into the detail of the Eve Extend review. Eve designed the device to help eliminate Bluetooth response times and extend range. It does not act as a HomeKit Bluetooth hub, it only works with Eve products. Nor does it provide access outside of your home for remote HomeKit access like a HomePod or Apple TV.

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So if you have an Apple TV or HomePod running in your HomeKit home. Then this device may not improve your performance of Eve Bluetooth performance. One final point, I have reviewed and operate several Eve devices in my smart home and have no complaints with Bluetooth performance. But I appreciate this will vary depending on home to home and other factors.

Eve Extend review – Specs.

  • Power: USB to Micro USB (5 V, at least 500 mA)
  • Dimensions 75 x 23 x 78mm.
  • Allows connectivity of 8 Eve devices.
  • Works with all Bluetooth-enabled Eve accessories except Eve Thermo (2015) and Eve Room (2015).
  • Connection: Wi-Fi (2.4 / 5 GHz 802.11a/b/g/n)
  • You need an iPhone or iPad with iOS/iPadOS 13.4 or later

Eve Extend review – Design.

Eve Extend is a small square-shaped white plastic box that measures 75 x 23 x 78mm. On the button of the device you will find the HomeKit code, along with 4 silicon feet to help keep the device in place. Around the rear you will find a micro-USB power port and a button for resetting the Eve Extend.

The Extend also comes with an USB power adapter, a power adapter along with several plug adapters for different countries.accessories

Overall, I am satisfied with the design of the device. Because of the size, it can be a central location discretely in the home to add WiFi connectivity to Bluetooth-enabled Eve accessories.

Eve Extend review – Setup.

Adding Eve Extend to HomeKit does not differ from adding any other HomeKit device. You open the Eve for HomeKit app to get started with the setup process and then scan the HomeKit code. You will see a request from the Eve to add the Eve Extend to your Wi-Fi network. Then name your device and assign it to a room in your home and it’s all setup and ready to add Eve devices.Eve Extend HomeKit add

To add devices to the Extend, you select the Eve Bluetooth devices that are listed and click next. It will then pair the Eve devices to the Extend, which takes a few minutes to complete.

You can add 8 Eve Bluetooth devices at the same time. But once you connect an Eve Device to Extend, the device is no longer directly connected to HomeKit. So if the Eve Extend is disconnected, you will lose access to any device connect to it.

Using the device

After adding devices, the status is in the Eve app that will show you the number of connected devices. The Eve Bluetooth devices will also be visible as individual devices within the app.

If you click the settings icon, you can complete several other actions. You have the option to update the firmware, if a new version is available. You can also change some settings for devices connected, like assigned room and device type. Lastly, you can also un-pair the accessories from the Eve Extend if you so wished. Doing this adds the Eve device back into Homekit directly.Device settings

You also have the option to add additional devices to the Eve Extend by using the “Assign Accessories” option. Just like when setting up the device originally, you will get a list of devices that you can connect to the Eve Extend. Interestingly, you cannot add a device directly to the Eve Extend from scratch. You first need to pair it with HomeKit and then pair it with the Eve Extend.

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During my testing for the review, the Eve Extend is transparent in how it works and operates. While I didn’t have any issues before with connectivity for my Eve devices, such as the Eve Water Guard or the Eve Energy. The Eve Energy has become faster when responding to commands either via the Home App or Siri.

Eve Extend review conclusion.

If you have Eve devices and you have run into issues with Bluetooth connectivity or range issues, the Extend could help solve the problem. Yes, it is on the expensive side at £49.99/$49.99, but its inline with other hub type devices.

Although it works with the recent range of Eve HomeKit devices and setup is a brease. It is a shame that you cannot add other Bluetooth devices by other manufacturers.

Although the Extend does a great job of improving response times. You can use an Apple TV or HomePod and also get cross manufacturer support. They will also act as a HomeKit hub and give you remote access for your HomeKit accessories.

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That being said, if you have got several Eve Bluetooth devices and want to improve Bluetooth performance, but don’t need remote access. Then you cannot go wrong with this device, and it is a lot cheaper than a HomePod or Apple TV.

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Eve Extend review
Eve Extend review
If you have Eve devices and you have run into issues with Bluetooth connectivity or range issues, the Extend could help solve the problem. Yes, it is on the expensive side at £49.99/$49.99, but its inline with other hub type devices.

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  1. We’ve just set up our Eve Extend to control our Bluetooth Eve Thermo TRVs over WiFi and we’re extremely pleased with the outcome.


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