Eve Flare with HomeKit over Thread released

Eve Home, a leader in the smart home industry, is today launching two HomeKit over Thread-enabled smart devices to its lineup. The Eve Flare and the Eve Shutter switch are available today with HomeKit over Thread.

The new Eve Flare which is an portable lamp that combines versatility with convenience. Eve Flare can produce over 16 million colours and offers a remarkable battery life of up to 6 hours, ensuring prolonged illumination wherever you go. Recharging is a breeze with its wireless charging base, making it effortlessly ready for your next adventure.

Made with outdoor use in mind, the Flare boasts an impressive IP65 water resistance rating, shielding it from the elements. Its robust design includes UV resistance and a convenient handle, allowing for easy transportation and effortless hanging. The Eve Flare now incorporates Thread technology, seamlessly integrating into your HomeKit ecosystem for hassle-free control via the Home App.

With a luminous output of 90 lumens, the Flare serves as an ideal accent light, creating captivating ambiance rather than acting as the primary light source for a room. Whether you’re enhancing your outdoor gathering or adding a touch of elegance to your indoor space, the Flare delivers the perfect blend of functionality and style.

Eve Shutter SwitchEve Shutter Switch Thread

Experience the ultimate convenience of intelligent window shading with the all-new Eve Shutter Switch. Designed to elevate your smart home experience, this innovative device brings a new level of control to your window treatments. With Adaptive Shading technology, you can effortlessly maintain an ideal room temperature while enjoying privacy and ambiance.

One of the standout features of the Eve Shutter Switch is its ability to create customized scenes. With a single command, you can effortlessly control all your shutters simultaneously, transforming the atmosphere of your entire living space. Whether you’re adjusting the shades for a movie night or preparing your home for bedtime, the Eve Shutter Switch streamlines your routine.

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As with the Eve Flare, the Eve Shutter Switch seamlessly integrates into your smart home setup. It is compatible with both Bluetooth and Thread technologies, ensuring a smooth connection with your existing devices. Notably, the Eve Shutter Switch automatically joins your Thread network and acts as a router node. With its permanent power source, it efficiently relays data packets from other Thread accessories, enhancing network stability and extending coverage throughout your home.

Pricing & Availability

Eve Flare is now available from www.evehome.com and Amazon at a price of $99.95 / $129.95 CDN. Eve Shutter Switch is available in select European countries for €99.95.

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