Eve HomeKit devices to support thread via firmware update




HomeKit manufacturer Eve has announced that Thread support is coming to several of its HomeKit-enabled accessories later this month via a software update. The supported products include the Eve door sensor and the EU version of Eve Energy. Firmware updates for Eve Aqua and Eve Thermo will follow soon after.

I started talking about thread after the HomePod mini was announced with thread support. Thread and its low-power mesh networking technology don’t rely on a hub. Another benefit is that a thread network expands pretty much automatically as you add more accessories. So for example, if your Eve Aqua is beyond the reach of your HomePod mini, an Eve Energy somewhere in the middle could connect the Eve Aqua to the Thread network.

Thread-enabled firmware updates will start rolling out later this month and the following devices are supported

  • Eve Aqua (2nd Gen)
  • Eve Door & Window sensor (3rd gen)
  • Eve Energy (4th gen)
  • Eve Thermo (4th gen)

Eve expects firmware updates for the current generation of Eve Aqua and Eve Thermo later. You can check if your device is compatible via this page.

You can pick up the Eve Energy and Eve Door and Window Sensor via Amazon.

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  1. for me better AQARA… Inhave some of the EVE devices but are more expensive and, from mu point of view, the radio signal is not very good 🤔


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