Eve Room Review – HomeKit Home Sensor

Eve Room review

The Eve Room is the second generation of Eve Systems indoor air-quality monitor. This version of the HomeKit-enabled accessory provides most of the same capabilities as before, but in a new design. So continue to read on for the full low down in this Eve Room review and how it performs.

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The Eve Room, able to measure temperature, humidity, and air quality and display this via its e-ink reader. It looks more modern and is smaller than the original model as Eve has replaced the white plastic with an aluminum frame.

Eve Room review in pictures

Eve Room specs

  • Price: $99.95/£89.99 Amazon link
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy.
  • Hub: No hub required
  • Smart Home: HomeKit exclusive
  • Power: Internal rechargeable battery
  • Sensors: Temperature, humidity and air quality.
  • Display: e-ink display
  • In the box: Eve Home, charging cable and care card.

Eve Room review – Design

This Eve Room features 2.1 x 2.1 x 0.6 inches dimensions with a silver-aluminum and glossy black finish. You also get a 200-by-200 pixel e-ink display that works well in all light conditions, including direct sunlight.

Eve has built in a rechargeable lithium ion battery that you charge via a Micro-USB cable. It’s rated to run for six weeks, after which it will run on low-power mode, displaying only temperature and humidity, until it’s recharged. Charging time takes about 2 hours from flat and in charging mode, it disables air quality data collection. During my time for the Eve Room review, I didn’t get the chance to the check the 6 weeks battery life. However, it is still showing 91% after 2 weeks of use.

The 200×200 e-ink display of the Eve Room displays the current temperature, humidity, and air quality in the room. It displays the with air quality as a series of stars from one to five, 5 being the best score. If you press on the arrows next to the display, you can cycle through several display options to display the data depending on your preference.

While the e-ink display is handy to check information without using your iPhone. You need a little to apply a fair amount of force to scroll through the display screen.

Eve Room review – Setup

To turn on the Eve Room, you insert the charging cable into the micro-USB port on its rear and wait for the device to fire up. The setup process comprises opening the Home app, tapping add accessory. Then scanning the HomeKit code on the bottom of the device. Once you have followed the final steps, it adds the Eve Room to your HomeKit setup within the Home app.Eve room update

When I first set up the Eve Room, it prompted me to complete a firmware update. I completed this without issue and in a matter of minutes. Once it’s all setup, it may take a few minutes to collect date, particular air quality which was the last metric to show in the app.

Eve App, HomeKit and performance

The Eve Room is what it says on the tin, a Room sensor. Its e-ink display shows you a star rating for air quality and displays the current temperature and humidity levels. There are four different display modes, one showing all three data points, and the others highlighting one in particular. You could technically use the Eve Room without using HomeKit or the app, but you would not get the most out of it.

So unlike the Eve Room display, using the Eve App gives you far more insight into the environment. For instance, you can get a detailed breakdown of temperature, humidity and air quality. You can view at a glance on the main screen or get this data broken down into hours, days, week or month view in the detailed view section. You can also go further and look at the individual measurements taken and even export them.Eve app room

Temperature & Humidity

It takes the temperature and humidity readings every 10 minutes looking at the measurements entries. As with the air quality readings you can look at the historical data in hour, day, week and month view which is useful. Eve app temp

In my testing, the Eve Room appeared to be accurate for temperature and humidity readings. I have tado smart thermostats in my house, and the Eve Room was more or less inline with the readings from both thermostats in the living room.

Within the Eve app, you can also use the humidity and temperature sensors to trigger other HomeKit devices. So, for example, you could set your fan to turn on if the temperature rises.

Air Quality

The real benefit of the Eve Room is the Air quality sensor giving you specific air quality information based on ppb (parts per billion). As with other devices of this type, they design Eve Room to keep track of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Eve app air quality readings

Creation of VOCs come from a wide range of sources, from cleaning products to perfumes to cooking. However, it does not track things like pollen, dust, pet dander, bacteria, and other potential allergens. It also does not track CO2 levels in your home, unlike the Kaiterra Laser Egg+.

Eve Room will tell you when the air quality indoors is poor because of VOCs in the air. I saw increases in VOC when I was cooking and cleaning and then a drop when I opened the bi-fold doors in the living room.

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You can again see the air quality at a glance within the app. But also see historical data in an hour, day, week and month view which is useful. As with the other data points, you can also export the data.

It also matched the VOC readings that I saw with my Dyson air purifier, with air quality not fluctuating much unless I was cooking and cleaning.

However, the Eve Room does nothing about the VOCs, so it is useful to pair it with an air purifier. So this is where the automation’s come in and HomeKit.

HomeKit and automations

Apple’s Home app, things are more basic than you find in the Eve app. You can see current temperature, humidity, and air quality, but you can’t see historical data. So if you want to look at that data, you are best sticking to the dedicated Eve app.Eve room HomeKit

However, HomeKit becomes useful as you can create automation’s to turn on an air purifier if the VOC’s in your home increase. However, there are few HomeKit connected air purifiers. But a smart plug paired with an air purifier would work and give you the same result.

As with other HomeKit products, Eve Room works with Siri. You can ask Siri to tell you the current temperature, humidity, or air quality in the room.

Bluetooth range

I have been using Bluetooth-connected Eve products for several years now and not come across issues with range or response. That’s not me saying these issues don’t exist, I am just saying I have not experienced them.

As with other Eve products, during my Eve Room review period I have not had an issue with connection or range. It takes just a few seconds to connect and download data. Then when away from home, the device continue to work because I have a HomePod set up as a HomeKit hub.Eve room HomePod HomeKit

However, if you have issues, you may need to pick up an Eve Extend. Eve Extend is a Wi-Fi bridge for Bluetooth Eve accessories that an extra help with range.

Eve Room review summary

The Eve Room does what it does well and presents this well in the Eve app. You get plenty of data to pour over that will give you some useful insight into your home environment. The device is also small enough to blend in well to any room, and the e-ink reader is a nice touch.

Eve Room can’t do anything about VOC it has detected in your home. But it can let you know when to open a window or turn on the air purifier. Plus, it’s definitely useful paired with other HomeKit accessories like a smart plug connected to an air purifier.

However, the Eve Room is in doubt an expensive HomeKit device at $99.95/£89.99 for what it gives you. Coupled with this, most people know to open the window when you are cooking. But it’s been nice to get insight to other impacts on VOC in my environment.

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So now I am finished with the product for the Eve Room review, will I be keeping it? The short answer is yes, as it’s offered me insights that I would have otherwise missed and that can only be a good thing for one’s health.

So that’s a wrap on the Eve Room review, Don’t forget to subscribe for more HomeKit reviews. If you have a question or a comment, then leave it below. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram.

Eve Room review
Eve Room Review
The Eve Room does what it does well and presents this well in the Eve app. You get plenty of data to pour over that will give you some useful insight into your home environment. The device is also small enough to blend in well to any room, and the e-ink reader is a nice touch.
Accuracy of sensors
e-ink reader is useful
Not so good
No CO2 sensor


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