Eve smart home devices will support Matter in December




Eve the smart home device maker, will be among the first companies with matter suported devices. The company will release a free firmware update to its Thread-enabled Eve Energy smart plug, Eve Door & Window sensors, and Eve Motion sensor on 12th December.

The company also plans to update its existing Thread product lineup to Matter over the next 1 year. Plus all new Eve products that arrive will be Matter already and we should see the first start shipping in Q1 of 2023.

In other news, Apple added the ability to include custom device functions in iOS 16.1 for Matter. This will allow the Eve Energy energy monitoring feature to be exposed to Matter. I have asked Eve if this will mean anything for HomeKit and will update this article once I know more.

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Eve smart devices require a Thread border router to function. This is because Eve’s devices will only work on Thread, not over Bluetooth with Bluetooth will only be used for commissioning the device.

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