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Eve Home, the smart home device maker of HomeKit accessories has released a firmware update to its 4th Generation Eve Thermo to enable Thread support. This update follows on the company’s previous updates to select devices to enable Thread.

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The Eve Thermo replaces your existing dumb thermostat to make your heating controls smart. You can use schedules to control your heating when you are home and away for added convidence. But you can also use it within HomeKit and control via your voice with Siri. So if you are heading home early from work, you can ask Siri to turn on your heating so its cozy when you arrive home.

As with the rest of the Eve Home line up, you do not need a hub for it to work with HomeKit. Although to access it outside the home remotely then you need a HomeKit hub and for Thread support a HomePod mini or the latest generation Apple TV 4K

Eve has released the firmware today and should arrive within the Eve App within the next couple of days. In order to to take advantage of Thread support you need to have the 4th Generation Eve Thermo model number 20EBP1701.

You can buy the Eve Thermo from Amazon in either a one pack or a 4 pack option.

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