Eve Water Guard with HomeKit over Thread now available

Eve released the first generation Eve Water Guard in February 2020. Now the company is back with the 2nd Generation with HomeKit over Thread.

The latest version is identical in terms of design as the first generation and includes the same 100 dB siren and red flashing warning light built into the device. Eve Water Guard is mains powered and comes with Interchangeable plug adapters for the EU, UK, US and AU.

Unlike puck style water leak sensors, the Eve Water Guard large can monitor large areas of your home thanks to the 2 m leak sensing cable. Just like the first generation, you can extend it up to 150 m.Eve Water Guard area support

The Eve Water Guard can be used either with the Home App for HomeKit or the Eve App. Using the Eve App, users can see the latest status of the device. The Eve app also reminds you at regular intervals to check that Eve Water Guard’s working.

Using the Home App for HomeKit, you can check the status of the leak sensor and also include the device in automations.

Thread ready

The major difference and possibly a welcome improvement for some that struggle with Bluetooth, is the ability to connection to HomeKit over Thread. This follows on from Eve’s commitment to continue updating its smart home line to support Thread. In order to use Thread capabilities, you need a HomePod Mini or the New Apple TV 4K.

Additionally, because the Eve Water Guard is powered via the mains supply. The device can act as As a router node. This means the Eve Water Guard relays other Thread accessories’ data packets and enhances the stability and reach of your smart home.

Eve says that the Eve Water Guard is Matter ready when the standard is rolled out later this year. But we need to wait and see if leak sensors are part of the final Matter 1.0 Spec when it arrives.

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HomeKit Authoritys opionion

The Eve Water Guard is a good product based on my use with the previous generation. But If you already own the previous generation and have no issue with Bluetooth performance and range. Then the Eve Water Guard with Thread support will not offer you anything different.

But if you don’t or have experienced issues with Bluetooth performance, then the Eve Water Guard is a good water leak sensor option. Plus, the addtion of Thread Router support can help boost your Thread network.

Eve Water Guard availability and price

The Eve Water Guard is available today from Eve today and Amazon and Apple stores will follow shortly.

  • UK – £89.99
  • US – $99.95
  • EU – €99.95
  • CA $129.95
  • AU $179

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