Eve Water guard with HomeKit support available to order




Following the announcement at CES 2020, the Eve Water Guard is now available to order from Amazon. The HomeKit water leak sensor plugs directly into a main source and can provide water detection for an entire room.

The entire sensor cable which is 6.5ft can detect leaks, meaning protection for the entire room. If the Eve Water Guard detects water, it will activate its 100 decibel siren and red LED to warn users.

Besides the audio and visual alerts, the Eve Water Guard enjoys HomeKit support. So in the even of a leak it will send the user notifications via iOS devices connected to HomeKit. While the Water Guard does not need a separate hub as it connects directly via Bluetooth Low Energy to HomeKit. You will need a HomeKit hub, such as an Apple TV or HomePod to monitor its status and receive notifications outside your Home.

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While Eve announced the Water Guard to arrive on the 11th February, it would appear that they want to buck trend of CES announcements and release early. The Eve Water Gaurd is available now in the US and in the UK and selected EU countries on the 11th February 2020.

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