Eve Weather and Eve Energy announced with Thread support

Eve is following through with its promise to deliver more Thread enabled HomeKit devices with a whole new Eve Weather and Eve Energy. The company will also release a firmware update to the Eve Aqua to bring Thread support.

Eve Energy 4th generationEve Energy 4th Gen Thread US

Following the release of Thread support for the EU version, Eve is releasing the 4th generation of its Eve Energy in the US and UK. The new Eve Energy follows the previous design, but the biggest change is it will now support Thread. However, unlike battery-operated devices, Eve Energy can act as a Thread router and not just an endpoint.

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However, unlike battery-operated devices, Eve Energy can act as a Thread router and not just an endpoint. So when using the 4th Gen Eve Energy users can place it in locations to extend the Thread network.

Eve WeatherEve Weather Thread

The new Eve Weather will follow a familiar design as Eve’s HomeKit devices, but a new larger screen. Because of the larger screen, users will be presented with all the data on one screen, saving having to scroll.

Eve Weather will collect the barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity levels. The device will also display each morning with a 12-hour weather trend. It has IPX3 resistance to handle the weather and will support Bluetooth and Thread wireless connectivity.

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Eve Aqua Thread update

As previously announced by Eve, Thread support is coming to the latest-generation Eve Aqua. This will arrive via a firmware update to its latest generation device.

The Thread update to the Eve Aqua will bring benefit to those that have struggled with range in the past.

Release date

The Eve Weather will start shipping on March 25 for $69.95, UK £64.99 and EU €69.99. and the new generation Eve Energy will be available on April 6 at a price of $39.95 and in the UK during May priced at £34.99. Eve has confirmed that the firmware update for the existing second-generation Eve Aqua will arrive in April.

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