Everything HomeKit from CES 2022

CES, which is the biggest computer electronic show in the world, is held annually in Las Vegas. This year at CES 2022, we are bound to see some exciting products and some might never see the light of day. But in this article that will be updated through the week to bring you everything HomeKit from CES 2022.

Wemo smart video doorbellWemo smart video doorbell

This week at CES 2022, Wemo announced the immediate availability of the Wemo Smart Video Doorbell. The new smart video doorbell works exclusively with HomeKit Secure Video and is available today for $249.99.

The HomeKit doorbell measures 1.4 inches deep and4.9 inches high. It has a 178-degree vertical field of view and 4MP high-resolution camera with night vision. It also features IP55 weatherproofing and works on 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi. Power is provided by mains power (16-24v AC).

The doorbell works exclusively with HomeKit Secure Video, which gives you 10 days of recordings. Plus People, animal, car and package detection when used with a Apple home hub and relevant iCloud plan.

Wemo Switch, Dimmer and smart plug to get Thread and Matter supportWemo Thread

Wemo also announced it is looking to bring Thread versions of the Wemo Smart Plug, Wemo Smart Light Switch, and Wemo Smart Dimmer. This development will also bring support for Matter over Thread.

Thread offers faster response times than other communication standards like BlueTooth. Devices that are mains powered like the smart plug and dimmers can act as Thread routers and help expand the Thread network.

These will be launching later this year in 25 countries after the Matter standard is released.

In other news, Belkin has just begun the update process for its Wemo Stage Scene Controller to enable support for Thread. The roll-out is in phases by region and is expected to be completed before the end the end of January 2022.

TP-Link to launch its Tapo brand in the US and HomeKit devices

Source – The Verge

If the TP-Link Tapo brand doesn’t sound familiar, it’s because it was previously only available in Europe and they didn’t support HomeKit. But an announcement at CES 2022, the company is bringing the Tapo smart home brand to the US and 5 HomeKit devices according to The Verge.

The Tapo HomeKit-enabled products will be released throughout 2022. The first being the Mini Plug in the first quarter. The Power Strip, Dimmer Switch, and Light Strip are expected in Q2. While the Color Light Bulb will ship in Q3 of 2022. None of them require a hub and they can connect directly to Wi-Fi.

Although Tapo having being shipping products in the European market since 2019. We do not have any indications from the company if they will update any of the existing products to support HomeKit or if the new products will be available in the EU market.

Sengled TV light strip, outdoor bulbs and more

Smart lighting company Sengled has announced several HomeKit products at CES 2022. These new products

The first being a Wi-Fi Video-Sync TV Light Strips. The light strips sync to a TV via an integrated camera and will mimic the same colours based on the content on the screen. Sengled has said the light stripes will be priced around $120.

The company also announced LED outdoor string lights that are great for outdoor spaces. They’ll be priced at $80.

Sengled also announced a $60 Wi-Fi Portable Lamp that’s powered by a rechargeable battery and features light functions like dimming, colour changing.

Twinkly Dots LED light stringTwinkly Dots HomeKit

Twinky Dots is a LED string which is similar to the Strings product from the company. As with the other Twinkly generation 2 smart LED products, these will work with HomeKit along with the Twinkly app.

Dots combine the versatility of classic LED strings with the refined look and feel of premium interior decorative lighting. The Twinkly Dots are a miniaturised design with a pill-shaped matte LED bulbs can diffuse 16 million colours at 360 degrees. They can be wrapped around any object or stuck to surfaces using adhesive pads.

The Twinkly Dots come in 3 models with either 33 feet and 200 RGB lights or 66 feet and 400 RGB lights. Twinkly are also shipping a USB version that features 60 LEDs, which is Twinkly’s first product that can be USB-powered. All three models connect to your smart home network via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and work with HomeKit

Eve Outdoor CamEve Outdoor Cam HomeKit

The Eve Outdoor Cam includes a sleek body that’s protected by a matte black metal frame with rounded edges. The Eve Outdoor Cam supports 1080p/24fps H.264 Video and 157° field of view. It also has infrared night vision to help it see in the dark. The camera is designed to be mounted on an outside wall at around 2.5 meters high. This height is the optimal as it uses infrared motion detection, which can work up to 9 meters.

Eve has also included a built in flood light with a ultra strong light boost mode. However they have not given details on the light power of the light. The Eve Outdoor Cam is IP55 Certified. An IP55 rated product is protected against dust ingress that could be harmful for the normal operation of the product but is not fully dust tight. It is protected against solid objects and water jets projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) from any directions.

Power for the Eve Outdoor Cam is provided by the mains at AC 100-240 V. With connectivity provided directly over Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n)

The Eve Outdoor Cam works exclusively with HomeKit Secure Video. Which means With an iCloud Plus account, users get 10 days of video history and the option of alerts for people, vehicles, pets, and packages.

Eve Motion blinds with ThreadEve MotionBlinds Thread

The Eve MotionBlinds are HomeKit compatible and connect over Thread and Bluetooth, plus Matter-ready when the time comes. The Thread enabled smart blinds will first ship as roller shades, with other styles coming soon. A rechargeable USB-C battery-powered motor powers Eve MotionBlinds, and users have the option of manual control with a pull cord.

As Eve MotionBlinds work through HomeKit, they don’t require a separate bridge or gateway. However, they will need a HomeKit hub such as a HomePod Mini if you want to take advantage of Thread.

Aqara announces Thread supportAqara Thread based devices

Aqara, the Chinese smart home company has today announced at CES 2022 that it plans to introduce a new line of devices that are based on Thread. Thread is an IP-based, low power, wireless networking protocol that works with HomeKit.

The new version of its iconic Door and Window Sensor and Motion Sensor with Thread technology built-in should ship around the second half of 2022. The new Thread products from Aqara are designed to provide consumers with improved connected home experiences with higher compatibility, reliability, power efficiency, and security.

Aqara has always offered a series of innovative, home automation products that work with major third-party ecosystems, including Apple HomeKit. This means that the new devices will connect to HomeKit over Thread.

Schlage Encode PlusSchlage Encode Plus Apple Home Key support

The Schlage Encode Plus a smart deadbolt lock that retrofits onto your existing door and will come in a variety of finishes and designs. The lock is available in a more traditional Camelot design or the more modern Century option. It will also feature a keypad and a manual lock.

The Schlage Encode Plus can connect to your smart home either via Wi-Fi or Thread. Using the latter means the smart lock can connect to HomeKit over Thread when used with a HomePod mini or the new Apple TV 4K. Connecting over Thread can offer a far more stable connection and improved battery performance.

Speaking of power, the Schlage Encode Plus is powered by 4 AA batteries and when the smart lock is connected over Wi-Fi, will last about 3- 4 months. But using the Schlage Encode with HomeKit over Thread, this jumps to 1 year.

The most interesting feature of the Schlage Encode Plus is Home Key support. Which enables users to open the door with a virtual key in the Wallet App on iPhone or Apple Watch. This feature uses NFC very much in the same way when making a purchase using your device.

Nanoleaf to open up Thread border router capabilitiesNanoleaf Elements cool whites

Nanoleaf has been at the forefront of the Thread charge, with the Essentials range launched back in 2020. Then more recently with the Nanoleaf Elements, shapes and lines with Thread over HomeKit support. Receently they updated the Elements, line and Shapes to be Thread Border Router’s, but only for its own devices.

However, the Thread Border Router support only worked with its own line of products. But, that is all about to change with an announcement from Nanoleaf at CES 2022 first reported via AppleInsider. Nanoleaf will deliver an update in the first quarter of this year that will see the Nanoleaf Shapes, Elements and Lines become Thread border routers for all Thread over HomeKit devices.


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