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Belkin this week announced at CES 2022 that owners of the Wemo Stage scene controller would receive a firmware update to enable Thread support. They said the roll out would start within days and would be completed by the end of the month. Good news, the first user is reporting the update coming through as firmware 2.9.6.

First reported by smart home enthusiast Adam Miarka, who has received the update to enable Thread support for one of his Wemo Stage Scene controllers. This update comes following the product release in late April 2021 in which was labeled as “Thread Ready.”

Thread is a new IP-based smart home connectivity standard, similar to Zigbee. Thread-enabled devices create a mesh network that connects all the different devices together. With a mesh network, they can all connect and expand their reach far further than any single device could connect on its own.

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Not only that, Thread devices are far more responsive than a Bluetooth connected device. Plus, the more Thread router devices you connect, the more stable the network becomes. It is worth noting that Wemo Stage Scene controller is a Thread end point device. But it still benefits from improved battery performance and faster response times.Wemo Stage Scene controller Thread

While the update roll out as started, Belkin said that it will take until the end of the month to complete for all users. As they push the update via the Home App, it’s just a wait and see game, unfortunately.

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  1. Umm, I don’t know what’s going on with mine. I received the update a few days ago and noticed today the battery is completely dead. Just changed it and it dropped 6% in about 10 minutes. I have several HomePod Minis in the house and this thing still doesn’t respond to presses. I see no difference than when it was Bluetooth only. I did notice that they added another function (single press, double press, long press) which gives nine functions in total now. That’s good but useless if the thing dies within days and doesn’t respond to presses. This device is pure garbage. Never had god experience with Belkin products in HomeKit. Was looking forward to the new doorbell but I’m now skeptical.


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