How to group HomeKit accessories together




How to group smart accessory’s in HomeKit

In the how to use HomeKit series on smart home accessories, automation tips and tricks. We help you to get the best out of everything to do with Apple’s smart home app and HomeKit framework.

In the third episode of the HomeKit guide, we take you through how to group different accessories within HomeKit. This is helpful for lights or fixtures that utilise multiple bulbs like ceiling lights.

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Why group HomeKit accessory

Sometimes, certain accessories are easier to control when paired together. For instance, if you have a ceiling light or lamp that requires multiple bulbs.

So giving you an example, I have 6 down lights in my bathroom powered by 6 Philips Hue G10 bulbs. Each of these Philips Hue G10 bulbs I have named them “bathroom 1”, “bathroom 2” and so on.

So when I want to turn the lights on or off, I have to do it to both bulbs individually. but using this method you can control the smart lights with one tap of a button.

In this tutorial, I’m using Apple’s Home app, though the same feature is available in many others on the App Store.
To get started with this HomeKit guide, you need the Home app, and at least two HomeKit accessories you want to group together. You also need to have them setup in a room.

  1. Open the Home app.

    Navigate to the rooms tab and choose the room you have installed the accessoriesHomeKit home app

  2. Open the first accessory

    3D Touch on any of the accessories you wish to group together and tap the setting cog at the left button on the Home App screen.HomeKit rooms

  3. Select Group with Other Accessories

    Tap on Group with Other Accessories, under the GROUP header.HomeKit groups

  4. Select the devices and name the group

    You are now free to choose any of the other accessories within that room to control as one. You also need to name the group.HomeKit how to group

  5. Save group

    Once you have added all the devices, click done

HomeKit Grouping tips

  • Once you have grouped together accessories, it will control them as if they are one device. That includes on/off state, and colour & brightness (if it is a light)
  • Grouping accessories together is not the only way to control several accessories at once. You can still use ZonesRooms, and Scenes.
  • If you want to ungroup the accessories you 3D touch on the group accessory and then chose the option to ungroup
Ungroup HomeKit accessories

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  1. Hi,
    I have a question. I used to be able to make scenes with dirrefent colors & brightness in my living room using my grouped lights ( 3 hue bulbs & 1 Nanoleaf ).

    But now I’m not able, when I tap make a scene, then add the group, and press ⚙️ I used to be able to select brightness/ colors.

    How do I do this now without ungrouping them.?


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