HomeKit in iOS 14 – Face recognition, Apple TV audio and night shift

HomeKit which is Apples smart home frame work is rumoured to receive three major new features in iOS 14. The improvements to HomeKit include Face recognition, Apple TV audio and Night Shift for lights.

The report from 9to5Mac looks at what we should expect when Apple releases the updated to HomeKit for iOS 14 and tvOS 14 at WWDC 20.

Lighting improvements.

First up in iOS 14 for HomeKit we should get the ability to adjust light colour temperature’s throughout the day automatically, 9to5mac is calling this Night Shift for HomeKit lights. We expect this update to include the ability to change lighting throughout the day. Although I like the name Light shift. The theory is it will cause a less strain on people’s eyes and help them wind down.

HomeKit cameras with facial recognition.

Apple has been slowly improving how smart cameras within HomeKit. Last year the company introduced support for HomeKit Secure Video as part of iOS 13. This gave cameras object recognition capabilities for people, animals, and vehicles.

When iOS 14 arrives later this year, Apple plans to expand HomeKit Secure Video with a new face recognition feature. It will probably improve HomeKit Secure Video to not only detect people. But users could receive notifications based on who is present at home.

We expect this feature to work similar to how the facial recognition works in the Netatmo Smart outdoor camera and Indoor camera.

HomePod Apple TV speakers.

The last feature expected as part of tvOS 14 is a permanent audio output option for Apple TV. This would mean a user could select HomePod stereo pairs as the default audio output without manually choosing the AirPlay 2 target each time.

Although it’s still early days for iOS 14 and we could expect things to change with these features. It shows a promising sign that Apple is picking up pace with HomeKit development and that can only be a good thing for the community.

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