HomeKit support being rolled out to Ikea TRADFRI Motion sensor and shortcut button




IKEA already supports HomeKit across several Tradfri range, including the Tradfri smart lights and Tradfri smart blinds. Now after Ikea is rolling out, HomeKit support for the Motion sensor and Shortcut button.

The new firmware updates the Tradfri gateway to 1.13.21 and according to release notes brings support for the motion sensor and shortcut button. Ikea has dated the notes February 18 and my bridge has already updated to the latest firmware. Just for reference I am in the UK, so I suspect it won’t be long before it starts to roll out globally.

This update will be appreciated by Tradfri users who have been calling for HomeKit support for its motion sensors for sometime now. But it’s also great to see the Shortcut button receive HomeKit support at the same time. The Shortcut bottom which comes with stickers that can users can stick to the button show its function. This update will allow owners to activate ‌HomeKit‌ scenes and control lights smart lights.

The Tradfri Motion sensor is already available worldwide. Ikea only ships the Shortcut button in Europe. But information suggests that it will be available via US stores soon. You can also follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and Instagram for more HomeKit news.

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  1. […] Als je een van deze producten in huis hebt, dan wordt de nieuwe firmware automatisch beschikbaar gemaakt. Dat gaat via de Trådfri-Gateway in de firmwareversie 1.13.21. Het kan zijn dat deze nog niet beschikbaar is in Nederland, maar in het Verenigd Koninkrijk is dit wel het geval. De firmware zou snel verder over de wereld worden uitgerold, zo schrijft HomeKit Authority. […]


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