HomePass now has a direct add button in the Eve App




Following an updated to the popular HomePass app for iOS, you can now directly add Eve devices via a dedicated button. Making it even easier to keep all your HomeKit codes safe for Eve smart devices.

For those not familiar with HomePass, it is an app that is designed keeps all of your HomeKit codes. I revised it recently and was impressed with its simplicity and ease of use. You can check it out to see what you think in this YouTube video review.

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The latest update makes it easier to add the HomeKit accessory to the HomePass database. When you have finished adding your HomeKit device within the Eve app. The Eve app will present you with a “Add to HomePass” button and when you tap it, Eve will pass the accessory data over to HomePass. You still need to scan the HomeKit code, but this is security feature implemented by Apple.Eve extend and HomePass

This latest update to the HomePass App is a simple, yet impressive feature that adds to the value this app brings. It will be great to see other HomeKit accessory makers implement this into its products. You can download the HomePass app from the App Store for £2.99.

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