HomePod Mini review – The device for the centre of HomeKit

HomePod mini review

When Apple first revealed the original HomePod back in 2017, most people was taken aback at the price tag. But what you have to remember is that this was more than just a smart speaker. It is a high-end audio device that delivery’s impressive audio performance.

But now we have the HomePod mini which comes in at £99 and promises to deliver an impressive audio experience coupled with enough power to drive your HomeKit setup, HomeKit secure Video and the latest smart features from Apple.

Continue to watch this HomePod Mini review video to find out everything about the design, setup and audio. Along with the smart home features via HomeKit, Intercom and privacy.

HomePod mini review
HomePod Mini review – The device for the centre of HomeKit
The bottom line, if you are looking for a smart speaker and you are part of the Apple echo system. The HomePod mini is a natural choice, plus the more affordable price point means you can deploy more of these across the Home.
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