Homey Pro smart hub gets Thread Border router update

Homey Pro 2023 Thread update

In July 2023, Homey Pro initiated the shipment of its smart hub. Announced at CES 2024, Atom, the company behind the smart hub, has rolled out its latest software update, now available for free. This update activates the built-in Thread radio, enhancing the Matter Over Thread support by enabling the promised Thread Border Router support, all while seamlessly integrating with HomeKit.

This recent upgrade positions the Homey Pro as one of the most comprehensive smart home hubs on the market. It now boasts the capability to manage devices via various protocols: Wi-Fi (2.4-/5GHz), Zigbee, Z-Wave, 433MHz RF, infrared, Bluetooth Low Energy, Matter-over-Wi-Fi, and the newly added Matter-over-Thread support.

Prior to this software update, the Homey Pro could function with Matter-over-Thread devices, albeit requiring a separate Thread Border Router within the network. However, with this latest free update, the Homey Pro serves as both a Thread controller and Router, eliminating the need for a dedicated Border Router. This allows users to keep their Thread devices within the Homey Pro-controlled Thread network. Moreover, as Homey Pro manages all operations locally, it doesn’t depend on an internet connection to function. The beta release of Homey Pro is accessible for devices operating on software version 10.3 and above. Pairing via Thread can be done using either the Homey Mobile App or the Homey Web App.

Consolidating Hubs and HomeKit

Over the past few months, I’ve been using the Homey Pro and gradually transitioning my Zigbee-based devices to this smart hub. This shift has allowed me to eliminate multiple hubs in most cases, while still ensuring accessibility of all my devices through Apple HomeKit.

The Homey Pro is priced at £399, which might not be the most budget-friendly option, but it offers exceptional functionality and seamless integration with Apple Home and HomeKit. You can purchase a Homey Pro from Amazon.

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